Works from Acrine to Diamanda

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Artist Acrine starts off with his interpretation of the Blue Light of Life Am I the only one who thinks that Acrine's Blue Light of Life is also his companion in the Woodlands? They sure seem a perfect couple for a wizard and his priest-lady. Adamant calls this portrait of a wizardess in the woodlands Lost in the Woods, but she seems very capable to me.. actually. A very old painting in Loures Library is Aeife's Seimh Bron. I have to say it is one of my favourites, showcasing the light and dark side. A tiny miniature is Angelie's The Innocence. The only word for this cute picture that comes to my mind is kawaii ;)
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Ardeo's Wizard actually looks like an Aisling, but my favourite part about this painting is the combination of painting style with etching effects. Ayshilin shows the serenity of the wizardess who is At One with the Sacred Elements. Enjoy the beautiful color composition and the fact that this piece is obviously handmade and scanned. Now we start with one of the most prolific and for my taste, best Aisling artists, Bentic Steadwinn. Here he portrays his first love and long-time wife Angelic. If you are very lucky, you will catch one of his regular art classes in Mileth college. By the way, the picture is called: Love at First Sight. Is it any wonder it won an Aisling award? This is a memory of a very young Bentic, starting out in Mileth Crypt. Have a look at his great use of light and darkness here. He titles this painting Hunting Lag Beast in the Crypt: may he be sucessful, hehe. This is Bentic's tribute to the daughter of Danaan, Glioca - Godess of Love and his patron saint. Glioca's Vigil makes sure that the balance in Temuair never is completely lost. Another AA.
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Another painting of Bentic which is titled Sunset by the Sea and shows his mastery of light and dark shades. The two portrayed people are not really in question, are they? *grins* BioMagus is not only a giggly and formidable wizardess, founder of the Cult de Carrot, owner of King Bruce's Ghislain for the princely sum of 65 Million Gold, but also lorekeeper and artist. This, her first entry into the gallery of Loures is an abstract painting of the Silhouette of Danaan. BlackRoses was one of the first in the art gallery of King Bruce. She developed a collage called Sleeping Fairie of the Garden, which at the time won an AA. This is the warrior god Ceannlaidir as portrayed by Brugon - whom I presume to be a warrior too. I very much like his use of reflections and the contrast of fighter male with the darkness of the background. I do not know this Artist unfortunately, but Caerghallan seems to be an Undine native. This pretty moving memory shows Cail's fountain in front of Undine lake at Midnight, and is appropriately called Midnight in Undine.
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You may know Cliona Malkier Al'Fae better as one of the most opinionated and intelligent Aislings in Temuair. Her lores, histories and written works fill whole shelves in the Library of Loures, but I also quite like her attempt at a mosaic of Danaan.
Deksar's Catch that Goblin is one of the funniest Flash-Movies I know - surely on a par with Macho Monk. I especially like this one, because two of the guards in here are old friends of mine, ShadowServer and Xae. Whisper's former husband Jac is another one, I believe. This download is well worth the wait! No wonder it won an AA.
Devaena depicts her Sleep amongst the Fae with a very old and very patient technique, buildingi her image out of tiny dots. I guess he must be a rogue, but I do not know her personally. Does it seem to you as well, that rogues tend to be very artistic in nature? The rogue Dewshine portraits herself in Dew & Grim with her love and I envy her her talent, I have to admit. And another talented rogue lady is Diamanda who shows off a bit of her own past, I think, in The Peasant Girl. Her spark is rarely seen nowadays, but can be found in Rucesion most often.
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