Works from Duplico to KnightFlynn

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And another attempt at grafic art, Beothaich: A Mosaic, by Duplico showcases poetry in praise of the red potion and a pretty stained glass background. Now this priestess was a great loss for Temuair, for all who knew her. Effera was warm, fun and zany, with an amazing gift for poetry and art. This of course is another stained glass window in praise of the red potion. but she called this painting Sweet Gift of Life. To all who will never know her: at least her sister Seara can occasionally still be seen in the lands. The lost death pile is something that has happened to Aislings countless times, very rarely has it been born with such grace as Effera shows in this stained glass window. A very old painting in Loures Library is Aeife's Seimh Bron. I have to say it is one of my favourites, showcasing the light and dark side. A tiny miniature is Angelie's The Innocence. The only word for this cute picture that comes to my mind is kawaii ;)
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Imajica's The Aisling Dreamer is one of the most beautiful paintings in Loures Gallery to my eyes. It is big enough to serve as wallpaper for your desktop and in the pre-raphaelite style, which I love. This lady is one versatile warrior and you should seek out her name in other entries in other fields in Loures Library Jubeix is Exploring the Woods in this impressive aquarell. You can occasionally still meet the artist and wizard in Temuair. Kalasin Ninde-Meatha, a very talented and nice priestess has two entries in Loures Gallery. This first one shows a Warrior Queen of the Fae. Kalasin's second piece shows a very common and still always subjective moment: the grief of a priestess who could not save a life. She calls it the Mourning Flower. Kamikage has to be a rogue, in any case I have yet to see a better depiction of a trap-setting rogue and a centipede than Stiletto Trap.
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"Awakening the Light Within", the first of four very distinctive and very different works of the all around artist, Katrionah. Her written art you can find in just about any of the other libraries. "Maiden of Evensong" is the dark side of Katrionah's art. The innocous title can not hide, that this maiden will not sing a joy of peace. "First Light's Breaking" has a similar theme to awakening, but here Katrionah sets the mood for a beautiful female Aisling just risen at the moment when the first rays break through the darkness. And here again the darkside of Aislinghood. This female is at the end of her road as it was "Foretold  Within The Ruins" Kedian is probably better known for his writing,  but his "Temple Worshipper" seen through the distortions of glass has a power of its own.
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This lady used to be a true gift to Unseelie Court motley, not just by her beautiful art but for her gift with words and her fun spirit. Here she shows two people working together in "No Fear"
"The Born of Evil Beauty" spews forth a very tempting Succubus in this collage by Khorne.
"Wild Deuce" shows wizard Klaudaryn and his love Wrynn the way he sees them. Tough, a bit sarcastic and always ready for whatever comes. Very different is this artwork, also by Klaudaryn, to illustrate an old legend he rediscovered, it is the "Forgotten Temple" "Nothing Left", as this drawing by KnightFlynn shows, can be the end result of an Aisling life too. So be careful when you hunt.
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