Works from Kujin to Ravengoth

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Kujin's "Fallen Gargoyle's Ioc" shows a successful Monk?/Rogue? with the spoils of his hard work, while the gargoyle looks a bit out of it ;-) I really like this stylish drawing of Kyland's "Wolf in the Woodlands" - even if this is definitely one of those kobold wolves :P. I hope noone will ever feel the despair of the priestess in this painting by Lailia, named "Love Once Lost". A "Sal"-Wizard, contemplating her powers, is the subject of Lamika's painting. At least this priestess, seems happy, as Lenarra's "Vacationing" shows.
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And here we have a happy priestess with her trusty  Diana staff. Is "Forever Pure" a self-portrait by Lenoa? This oil-painting is enormous, but well worth the view. I wonder what happend to Lokki that he called it "Paint of a Faithless Woman". Is the priestess shielding her warrior from harm? Is he carrying her out of danger? Knowing Saer and Lustra, I am sure "Thy Shield" is supposed to show both. One of the oldest rogues around, founding member of Unseelie Court, Maive shows where her heart lies with "Rogue at Heart". This picture may not have won an award, but Manipulator sent me his contest entry, and I don't think this is out of place here.
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Now this contest entry of Manipulator's did win: "Loures and Tenes" is straight out of Temuair history. Michiru's "Haru no Bara" "Spring of Roses" is a very stylized dream of a female Aisling, I think. "Kissed by the Faerie Light" shows why MorriganNyte decided to become a priestess. She shows off her own art in the House of Aires-Journal and of course under her real life name - you can visit it via my Aislings on the Net-section. Sister to Rephin, Natsumi was a very fun lady, and very talented, as her wizard "Journeyman" shows. I am sure you all know this artist under another name, but this is how I met her, Neofirefly and her "Mentor and Pupil".
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This has to be almost the first AA winner, as everyone who has ever read the DA-manual knows. Niobis had left before I ever became an Aisling. We sure are missing a gifted artist here. This painting is  "Gum biodh rath le do thurus" .
Pisk simply calls his self-portrait "Pisk". This Aisling too has left Temuair quite a while ago.
A very hard "Succubus Battle" shows Quidlan, the wizard fighting for survival. Here we start with the Ravengoth Tryptichon: "Angel" is the first of three pictures which make me sorry about never meeting this Aisling. The second impressionistic Ravengoth picture is "Rosewoman", maybe inspired by fairies?
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