Works from Ravengoth to Veneficus

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Now this is Ravengoth's "Self-Portrait". It seems to show him diving in water ... or is he drowning? Disquieting but evocative. "Meditation" by Recca was part of Aisling Art before the discovery of the monastery near Undine.  I wonder if he did not discover that place before other Aislings ever knew the place... Riyan called her/his painting "Young Wizard". This definitely seems to be one wizardess who wants to be more than a fas-machine. Robert Blade portrays the effort and triumph that go hand-in-hand on the "Way of the Warrior". What a pity this gifted fighter no longer graces the lands. Ryo is fortunately enough a warrior who occasionally stilll visits Temuair. His "Starry Night" shows an older-selfportrait. He now has quite a few more metal plates in his face. A story for another painting, I'd guess.
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A true Renaissance lady, Sakura  had a gift for poetry and, as you can see, for art as well. "Altar" shows the painter sacrificing to the  gods. And another interpretation of "Danaan", painted by Sakura with a completely different technique. Setsuna lets her "Boy of the Fae" greet the morning light with a mixture of expectation and reverence. The little rogue "Shaide" shows of his collection of treasure and the "Memories of a Rogue" as a wallpaper for Aislings. Longtime Monklady Silverbrook shows off the "Hidden Dance in Lover's Glade" which happens every time that two Aislings pledge their love there.
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The priestess Talshaya always had an incredible gift for 3D art, it is a true pity her artworks for Temuair are offline. This piece shows another priestess in a "Fae Dance" The "Dark Summoner"  actually shows Talshaya Purehurst herself but in a Succubus pose. The first of Tical's works shows that a good hunt is very possible even"Priestless". But my favourite Tical painting is actually "Returning Home" "The Wanderer" by Tigerhawk shows one of the spellcasting Aislings, not sure if its priest or wizard. But definitely in a very windblown landscape.. maybe House Macabre?
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This is a simple but pround picture showing "Titus's Lorica" to warriors everywhere.
Tybalter on the other hand, tries his hand a 3D art as well with "Fiosachd Prayer".
Vendes mural shows the "Theology of the Octagram" with all the different gods in alignment to each other. "Vendes & Zerrin" is a self-portrait of course, with Zerrin Kasaic at her side, warriormonk. Adeptus Arcanus of the Acadamie and its founder, Veneficus, can not only organise one of the oldest guilds, but also draw, as he demonstrates with "Guard's Oath".
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