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Acerbus, once priestess of Sgrios, shows off her "Holy Diana" in remembrance of times past. Anthea may no longer be in Temuair, but her "Ascension" will remain as a record of this state for this particular priestess. An Aisling Award for this monk lady shows the effectiveness of BonCheri's "Draco Tail Kick". And another Aisling Award winner is Kamiomi, a wizard lady I would love to know, especially because of the humor inherent in her "Mor Strioch Bais". Another work by Kamiomi shows that this wizard also has a gift for poetry, remembering lost but never forgotten friends with "Rememberance".
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As you might recognize from the armor, Karinah has painted her interpretation of a "Warrior of Hybrasyl". Liriel and her "Assassin's Strike" show a much darker face of the rogue than is customary in Temuair.  A well deserved Aisling Award. Lukrezia's "Priest" casting his spell has not been filed correctly in Loures Library yet, but having a look is well worth the effort of this 3D work. You may recognize the art behind Thao's "Wanderer" from one of her siblings work in the library. I suggest you visit if you enjoy her style. Having viewed his "Guard's Oath" you have now a self-portrait by the founder of Acadamie Arcanus, Veneficus, otherwise known as "Wee Wompin Wimpy Wizzy".
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Now this rogue work is probably more what you would see in  Temuair. Vireyda is "Polishing Gems outside Fiosachd's Temple". Wicked Vivid Viriane, one of the most stylish wizardesses ever to grace Temuair may have left us once more, but her "Portrait of Viri" keeps the memory fresh. Another "Self-Portrait" by another Aisling long gone, Vrae. I think this was a picture made by the groom in 3D mixed with memories: Xellosama shows here a "Wedding at Abel Beach". Xephyr Dossier does not only have a web journal, he can also draw as this lady, starting out on her "Journey of an Aisling" proves.
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Yell invokes the "Legend" of fearsome warriors very ready to take on anything that might challenge them.
A former member of Unseelie Court and Anaman Pact it may not come as a surprise that Zervus Wildfire was able to put down the dangerous beauty of "Anaman" so well.
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