My first memory
June 2000

One morning, in the Fall of Deoch 2, I awoke from my bed.
"Today, i'm becoming an aisling!" I said to myself. I pulled my shirt from my drawer and walked outside. There I met a man named Faust.((I think that was his name.>.<))"Hello, could you show me around?" Faust asked me. Being new I replied,"Im new here also, so sorry. Say, wanna explore together?" ((the funny thing is, the chances of two people becoming new on the same day back then were slim to none))"Sure i guess." Faust answered.

Then something miraculous happened! After looking at the smiths prices, Faust and I agreed we could NEVER afford anything. Then, from no where, a lady((I cant remember her name. Started with an 'M', my mind says 'Milla' or something. she was a wizard)) came and handed me a pair of boots! "Wow, thanks!" I said. She smiled and walked away. ((The boots costed 1000 coins, something that was worth 1million today to a peasant.)) With my boots, and my Shirt, I felt...important.

A few minutes later, a man by the name of BluFlu((Sadly I heard later that BluFlu's character had been wiped, something that happened a lot back then)) came along and handed Faust and I some coins. "Go buy a dirk, and I'll show you where to fight." BluFlu said. I was very excited. BluFlu was walking terribly fast. Faust and I couldnt keep up.((Fast move, DUH!)) He told us, and we caught up. We went into the crypts and I instinctly started whacking a mouse. with much ease, it killed me, and I was sent to sgrios. ((My first scar came when I was about 30 min old)).
((Later, I decided to become a warrior. I whispered an insight 28 warrior by the name of Ares. He guided me, and I was happy. A few weeks later I wiped my character and Bentic guided me. Sadly, Faust has never come back, and someone, a rogue I belive, took his name :(. I saw BluFlu about 8 months ago, a lowly priest. I helped him out, but he was depressed and left Temuiar...forever.))

Hope you enjoyed

The End

Deoch 2 Warrior of Ceanliadir,


First Memory
June 2000

One of my most treasured memories is a short hunt with my Daddy, Zervus Wildfire, he took me (without Mom's permission..I think she would have killed him if she knew) to Level 3-1 of the crypt and showed me the proper way to hunt, it was so exciting..and above all I was with my daddy.

Well, I quickly learned at 6th insight to run from 3-1 pedes unless there is no choice, but as I look back on that hunt...I realize the lesson Daddy was trying to teach me...There was nothing I couldnt accomplish and succeed at, if only I gave it my best shot!

I love you Daddy and Mommy, wherever you are...

Jerlayne Wildfire-Servantis
Rogue Scholar of some sort :)
(yes I take after my dad)


First Memory
June 2000

My first memory would be getting stuck in a tree just outside Mileth crypt. It was rather embarrassing to say the least, can you imagine being tangled up in the limbs of a tree, trying to remain ladylike in a flimsy orange dress, the wind blowing all about you and attempting to grab someone's attention so they could help you out. What a way to start an aisling life!

Someone was kind enough to help me out though, and I now avoid trees like the plague..oh! there is also a nasty little tree in Piet which catches me everytime I walk along the path to the leather store...



My first memory
June 2000

Though regaining the spells, experience, and insight I forgot has been a difficult experience, I do remember my first days on Temuair before venturing off into other lands..

The earliest I can remember is me standing outside the temple of choosing whispering many monks (I wished to be a monk at first), and every time the answer came back that they were at Mass. I added two and two, and decided to become a priest instead. I've been happy with my decision ever since.

I like this discussion, so here's an additional question.. What made you decide to follow your path?

--Wuhao Haojin


Why I chose my Path
June 2000

In my previous life, before I received the Aisling's spark, I was a corporal in the Loures Army. I was stationed on the Isle of Dawn, helping to patrol against dubhaim venturing forth from the castle and into Rucesion proper. Unfortunately, at one point, our unit was cut off from the mainland, with no ships arriving or departing for several months, due to one of the most severe storm seasons on record. Our supplies ran short, and more importantly, our arms and armor fell into disrepair. I've long held that Rucesion is known as the City of Wizards because they don't produce anything else of value. All of the ore extracted on the Isle is tainted, probably because of the dubhaim influence, so weapons produced there are weak at best, and you'll note that the city doesn't produce any armor other than elemental necklaces, most of which are manufactured by apprentice wizards.

Well, of course, the dubhaim chose this low point to come flowing out of the castle gates en masse. My squad had the unlucky distinction of taking on a rather nasty Gargoyle Fiend. The beast's claws tore through our armor like scissors through paper, and our blades bounced off, or more often, broke against its hide. Even then, I was something of a craftsman, and had worked very hard to keep my claidheamh polished and sharpened, but it was snapped in two when I slashed at the Fiend's wings. As the creature's claw reached for my throat, I knew for certain I was about to die, and quickly prayed to Gramail for a miracle.

That's when the swirl of light appeared around me, and I found myself inside Riona's inn, more than a bit confused...

I didn't know for sure who I was or what I wanted to do, at first. All I knew for certain was that my arms and armor had failed me, and if I could do anything to make certain that such a fate didn't befall another, that was going to be my calling in life.

And so, I became a Rogue, and more importantly, a Blade Smith. I'm still of only the second circle, but I've mastered the art of Smithing blades, and am now working on Tailoring to ensure that no one needs to make do with second- or third-rate armor.

Look me up if you have need of my services ... I understand what it's like to suffer from inferior arms and armor.

Hefaestus Hamiltyn
Blade Smith of Rucesion


My first memory
May 2000

((OOC a bit))

My first memory was of me ((my character Tito)) as a little peasant back in Deoch 2. We were the second batch of aislings recruited ((beta testers back in April 1999)).

I remember a wizard about insight 20 (which was one of the highest people back then) bought me some boots a weapon and a shield. I became a wizard, and got up to about insight 11.

At about my 11th insight Sky, FireMage, and I all went out to the Able beach, and we wandered into the cave ((this was before they had an insight limit on the cave)). We all died about 3 times, but we finally got our stuff. ^_^

After that I switched paths to a priest ((you could do that back then)). So I would sit around and practice my spells with Angelic (who was previosly a warrior, so we both had catching up to do ^_^).

Hehe, oh well, those were the good ol' days... ^_^

Priest of Fiosachd

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