The Gramail Dagoba Debate: Should there be Anti-Heresy Laws or not?
(Lothe, Tormod, DKFrost vs. Piren, Desloc, Angelrex; Jurors: Angelique and Norielle)
7th April 2002

Angelique: *giggles* Ah
Angelique: Quick response
Norielle: yes
Desloc: *smiles* Angelique!
Lothe: *looks authoritative*
Angelique: Hello Desloc =)
Lothe: *shifty-eyes people*
Angelique! The Gramail Debates are starting shortly! Any and all are
Angelique! welcome to argue... come sign up =)
Mopion: why don't you sign up huh!?
Mopion: Amusing
Mopion: i wanna argue!
Angelique: I'm hosting the event silly =P
Mopion: i was starting an argument =P
Angelique: hmm... your argument is flawed Amusing
Mopion: can i argue?
Neokaos: IM HERE!
Angelique: Sure ^^
Lothe: Circular logic is fun~
DeadCheese: no
Mopion: thats what i thought
DeadCheese: i'm not walkin
Angelique: Amusing you did!
Angelique> Are we arguing for cold, emotionless law,
Angelique" Always! Nothing else is better
Angelique> or a less-strict regime?
Angelique> Okies.
Angelique> *puts on his Gramail hat*
Angelique" Well, there are two sides ^^
Angelique> Well, but the other side is total anarchy,
Mopion: when does it start?
Mopion: it starts now!
Angelique: As soon as some more people sign up
Mopion: dam it >.<
Mopion: i win by default then!
Angelique: Potty mouth
Mopion: >.<
Angelrex: what are we signing up for?
Angelique: The Gramail debates
Mopion: i won!
Deson: ....
Mopion: cuz im the only one!
Mopion: and cuz i said so =P
Angelique: No... Lothe is also
Angelrex: what is the debate topic?
Mopion: i win!
Mopion: i argue better!
Lothe: NO YOU DON'T!! I DO!!
Angelique: First up... we have the heresy laws
Lothe: *pokes *
Kylear is nowhere to be found.
Mopion: ((national debate champion from my school))
Mopion: you will never win
Angelrex: oh, heh, I guess I better brush up on them before it starts
Lothe: ((Whoop-dee-doo~ I don't care :D ))
Angelrex: when do the debates begin?
Mopion: whats the topic?
Angelique: As soon as I can assemble some teams
Angelique> ((My tummy says it wants foodings.
Angelique: First up, we have the heresy laws
Angelique> Back in a second.))
Angelrex: alright, well, I think I will participate
Mopion: you know... like WoMD(())
Piren: Hello Angelique^^
Norielle: Hello Piren
Lothe: oo, heresy,.
Mopion: aww thats poopy!
Angelique: Hello Piren =)
Piren: Hello Norielle
DKFrost: I suppose I could join in ^_^
Angelrex: hey
Angelique: That makes four ^^
Mopion: my team automatically wins cuz i said so
Angelique: I suppose we could start
Angelique: Let's move over here
DKFrost: 4 is a bit meager.. I can't believe we couldn't get more
Angelique: Me either
Angelique" Where you be? =)
Angelique> WOndering where you be ;_;
Angelique> ((I wander away for half a minute and you disappear~))
Mopion: =P
Lothe: :D
Mopion: my partner
Angelique: Alright... Norielle and I are the moderaters
Desloc: hmph
DKFrost: Umm
Angelique: Desloc, Piren, are you debating?
Desloc: Ummm... Certainly.
Piren: *shrug* I just now was able to get out of bed
Piren: my sickness struck me again today
Angelique: *grins* I'll take that as a yes
Desloc: :(
Angelique: Now, is there any preference to which side to take?
Mopion: I WON!
Mopion: i am against them!
Piren: What are we debating?
DKFrost: What are the sides?
Lothe: I want law :D
Angelique: We have Pro Heresy Laws, and Anti Heresy Laws
Mopion: i want to set them all in fire!
Lothe: Anti! Anti!
Mopion: every law
DKFrost: Anti
Mopion: anti
Desloc: I shall be pro then.
Piren: I will take which ever side I need to
Lothe: I am against heresy wherever it rears its ugly head~
Tormod: As am I
Angelrex: I can defend either side as well
Tormod: Perhaps it might be interesting to argue for the side
Mopion: i won! i said last!
Tormod: which you dont agree with?
Piren: although, I would prefer anti-heresy
Angelique: Anti Heresy on this side
Angelique: Pro on this side
DKFrost: Most likely, I'll go wherever
Lothe: Interesting, yes. But I don't feel like it to-day ^_~
Mopion: i hate that dam law i could crap a better law than that
Piren: I shall go where I am needed
Angelrex: pro law?
DKFrost: Is that your argument?
Mopion: i am anti law
Angelique: Pro is here ^^
Angelique> Anti-heresy is this side, right?
Angelique" Correct
Angelique> Pro-heresy, or pro-anti-heresy?
Desloc: Pro Heresy Law here
DKFrost: Wait.. Anti Heresy is Pro Law right?
Tormod: Ok. I'll argue pro :)
Lothe: Yeth.
Angelrex: well, that leaves this side a bit short
Angelique: Argh
Lothe: Everyone against heresy, for heresy laws,
Lothe: stand HERE.
Piren: *is confused*
Mopion: make this fast dang it
Angelique: *blinks*
Lothe: Everyone AGAINST heresy laws, stand across from me.
Angelique: Thank you Lothe
Lothe: Welcomes ^_~
Angelique: Lothe's team is for the heresy laws
Piren: I think, just to mix it up, I'll take the other
Angelrex: heh, what balance *sarcasm*
Desloc: Guess I'm anti heresy law then.
Angelique: The other team is against the heresy laws
Mopion: i have to restart my computer soon and then run a scandisk
Tormod: Hmm
Piren: ..?
Piren: what?
Angelrex: We've got our work cut out for us
Desloc: Kom-pute-tor?
Tormod: Yes?
Angelrex: that's heresy..
Angelrex: hehe
Norielle: I think that's a good starting point
Lothe: ^^
Mopion: ok here it goes i have to go soon
Angelique: Perhaps Mopion, you might be on the other side?
Mopion: hear my argument
Angelique: You will have 5 minutes to present your argument
Mopion: i have 2...
Tormod: Who goes first?
Mopion: lemme go first
Angelique: I'll give 3 minutes to confer amongst your team
Mopion: i have to go
Mopion: i represent my self
Norielle: hehe
Mopion: i have to go...
Tormod> Group meH :X So we can confer~
Angelique: The side for Heresy Laws will begin with their opening
Mopion: and i know i'll win... if i had a little more time
Tormod" I'm in the Dagoba council group :P
Tormod" 1 sec
Tormod> Oh, great =P
Norielle: You need to speak or you need to leave?
Mopion: arg
Angelique: WHen they are ready. Angelrex and Lothe are the captains
Mopion: i g2g
Tormod" group me
Mopion: bye all
Lothe: Give us a moment to work out groups =P
[!Lothe] There we go.
[!Lothe] Quickness, who's arguing what sorta point?
[!Tormod] I think we should go with what type of game it is
[!Tormod] sorry - im ooc in whispers :P
[!Lothe] hehe^^
[!DKFrost] it's okay ;P
[!Lothe] 'sokay.
[!Tormod] It's sold as an RP game
Piren: Question
[!Lothe] *nods*
[!Tormod] We should play it as an RP game.
Angelique: Yes?
[!Lothe] Okay.
[!Tormod] The mundanes agree with us.
[!Lothe] Now,
[!DKFrost] I don't think we can make the argument OOC
[!Lothe] they're probably going to riposte that
Piren: ((is debate IC?))
[!Lothe] heresy is as good as dead here.
[!Lothe] And it's pretty true, so what do we do about ti?
Angelique: *thinks* Yes, I believe it should be
[!Lothe] *it
[!Lothe] Oops.
Norielle: I agree
[!Lothe] Okies, new game-plan.
Mopion: bye
Piren: *smiles* just checking^^
Norielle: Heresy laws are
Piren: Question again
Angelique: Yes?
[!Tormod] Everything within the game revolves around being IC.
[!Tormod] But, go ahead :P
[!Lothe] Point 1--nobody gets confused by weird, otherworldly
[!Lothe] terms if heresy is against the law.
Piren: How many opportunities are there to speak?
[!DKFrost] Lets do it like this: We are in this land, so what place
[!DKFrost] do these foreign things have in it?
Angelique: We'll go three rounds, and then closing arguments
[!Lothe] *nods* OKies.
Piren: *smiles* ok^^
[!Lothe] Do we have support with that?
[!Tormod] Yes
[!DKFrost] They are non-existant, not of our world, born from some kind
[!DKFrost] of nothingness that is unexplainable
[!Tormod] Imagination is good, but it comes a time when it becomes too
Norielle: are the groups ready?
[!Lothe] *nods* OKies.
[!Tormod] much and has too much evil affects on our lives for heresy
[!Tormod] to be tolerated :P
[!Lothe] We ready?
[!DKFrost] errr we haven't conferred much
Lothe: ((Are we allowed to be grouped when we present our
Lothe: argument?))
[!Tormod] We can make it up as we go ahead :)
Angelique: ((Yes))
Tormod: ((yes :P))
[!Lothe] *laughs* Works for me.
Lothe: ((okies.))
[!Lothe] Shall I volunteer us as ready, then?
[!Tormod] Aye
[!DKFrost] I think we should start with a definition of heresy
[!DKFrost] and explain how it has no place, and brings a chaotic
Angelique> Okies. Sounds like we're ready :X Do you decide
Minako: Wothe :D
Lothe: Mina :D
Angelique> who presents first,
Angelique> or do we?
[!DKFrost] element into a peaceful world or some BS like that ;P
Angelique" Yes ^^
[!Tormod] lemme get a dictionary :P
Angelique: Alright, Team A, lead by Lothe is ready
Angelique: Lothe, present your opening argument
Lothe: Okies.
[!Tormod] Blah. Cant find one.
Lothe: Heresy, as such,
Lothe: is comprised of terms and ideas born of a strange kind
Lothe: of nothingness--
Lothe: we know not from whence they come,
Lothe: or what they are, exactly.
Lothe: Such ideas are possibly simple creations of an active
Lothe: imagination,
Lothe: but they could in fact be daemonic invocations.
[!Tormod] Or have more sinister
[!Tormod] yes :)
Lothe: In short, they introduce a truly chaotic element to
Lothe: Temuair,
Lothe: one which we neither under nor can necessarily
Lothe: control the effects of.
[!Lothe] Other comments/
[!Lothe] ?
Lothe: So heresy laws
Angelique" Signal me when you are finished ^^
[!Tormod] We've seen the effects of choas over the land before...
[!Tormod] no - thats rubbish
[!DKFrost] Heresy infects others and brings to them a stage where
[!Tormod] Hmm
[!DKFrost] they do not even care about themselves or others
Lothe: Are essentially present and necessary in order to
[!DKFrost] referring to themselves as 'Characters' in a 'Game'
Lothe: preserve us;
[!Tormod] Heresy is an infectious disease of the mind.
[!Tormod] It eventually eats away untill you can no longer live your
[!Tormod] life as an Aisling :(
Lothe: So we do not descend into utter incomprehensibility.
[!DKFrost] It warps their sense of reality, so they cannot what tormod
[!DKFrost] said ;P
[!Lothe] Okies. Next arguer should cover that
[!Lothe] Since I kind of wrapped up there :X
[!DKFrost] I'll go next ^^
Lothe: I rest my case, or whatever the term is here =P
Angelique: *nods* Angelrex, does your team need time?
Desloc: pffft... I scoff at your case, good sir.
Angelrex: Yes please...
[!Lothe] Spokey dokey.
Angelrex: just a moment or two
Lothe: All the more reason to debate then, Desloc:D
Angelique: Angelrex will present the counter-argument when Team B
Angelique: is ready.
[!Tormod] The crypt is at 21-1 now. How's our next doing?
[!Tormod] ooh - wrong group :P
Angelrex: *clears throat* ahem...
[!Tormod] Dk, what are you going to say?
[!DKFrost] I'll talk about the loss of individuality, of soul, of spirit
Angelrex: It is seen all over temuair that heresy has many forms
[!DKFrost] inflicted by heresy's foul whatever
[!Tormod] foul touch
Angelrex: as they are outlined in Heresy Law, new forms appear all
Angelrex: the time...
[!DKFrost] Nice =)
[!Lothe] Sounds like good stuff~
[!Tormod] Im not sure what I'll say ^^
Angelrex: Also ever changing are the officials who enforce these laws
[!Tormod] I didnt plan to be taking part in these - heh
[!Lothe] Well we'll figure something out ;)
[!Tormod] Just running them :P
Angelrex: with so many variables and so many offenses of heresy...
[!DKFrost] Hey, it's fun ^_^
Angelrex: It is impossible to fairly enforce these laws...
[!Tormod] Thanks :)
[!Tormod] Thats a rubbish argument they are making.
Angelrex: and the laws themselves become means by which officials
[!Tormod] Give up because its hard?
[!DKFrost] I'll refute it a bit
[!Lothe] *nods* So how do we counter...tactfully?
Angelrex: can impose unfair sentences...on purpose or not...
[!Tormod] Speak how gramail ensures laws are good and just
Angelrex: because each case is going to have some factor that no
[!Tormod] Good laws are kept, bad laws are overthrown.
Angelrex: law destinctly explains, so the laws themselves are flawed
[!Tormod] Erm.. Laws which are difficult to enforce, but have good intent
[!Tormod] or just intent... should be worked on and modified, rather than
Angelrex: becuase they cannot be enforced with consistency...
[!Tormod] being scrapped, else Chaos rear its ugly head >.<
[!Lothe] *nod nod*
[!Tormod] or something
Angelrex: That is why the Heresy laws, while well-intentioned...
[!DKFrost] Good point
Angelrex: often do more harm than justice...
[!Tormod] We Gramailians strive for order... we do not seek to be the
[!Tormod] tools of chaos.
Norielle: One minute left Angelrex
[!Tormod] If you are Gramailian, that is :P
[!Lothe] Okies dokies. So Frost, you talk about the whole corruption
Zahgurim! whsat do you thin your doin!
[!Lothe] thing,
[!DKFrost] I am, I used to be a priest ^_^
[!Lothe] and Tormod, you talk about the whole law-n-order thing
[!Tormod] :)
Piren: *does a dance to fill time*
[!Tormod] Ok
Angelique: *nods* Tormod will present the counterargument
[!DKFrost] err your turn Tormod
[!Lothe] hehe, well, not even Sgriosians are for total chaos anyway.
Angelique: when Team A is ready
[!DKFrost] I guess
[!Tormod] Ack. I wasnt really listening to him
[!Lothe] Go with the chaos stuff.
[!Lothe] His argument's essentially, it's hard so lets quit.
[!Lothe] What we just discussed over group chat should do the job.
[!DKFrost] yep.. he said people use it for their own ends and
[!Lothe] You ready?
[!DKFrost] can't be consistant
[!Tormod] yes
Lothe: Okies.
Angelique: No... Gramailian Debate
Lothe: Tormod says he's ready^^
Tormod: Gramail oversees all laws.
Tormod: He blesses those which are true and just...
Tormod: and sees that those which are not are overthrown.
[!DKFrost] Heresy laws have existed since Politics began in Tem
Tormod: If a law is difficult to enforce...
Tormod: that does not mean we give up.
Tormod: To do so, would mean also giving up what we as Gramail
Tormod: worshippers stand for.
Tormod: We are the instruments of Order.
Tormod: To scrap difficult laws, we run the risk of becoming the
Tormod: tools of Chaos.
Tormod: A difficult law needs ammendment.
Tormod: Not scrapping.
Tormod: This debate is about removing the heresy laws completely...
Tormod: But if we ever did so, we would be futhering the cause of
Tormod: chaos and not living out our duty as Gramail worshippers.
[!Tormod] Erm.. help me!
[!Lothe] *thinks fast*
[!Lothe] As to enforcers' corruption,
[!DKFrost] like i said.. heresy laws have existed since politics began
Nuit! MVP arena match starts in 10 minutes.
[!Lothe] that is more the duty of their superiors, and the citizens
[!DKFrost] they have been revised, and new ways of revising have been
[!Lothe] who elect them,
Tormod: Heresy laws have existed since politics began...
[!Lothe] and not the troubles of the law itself.
Nuit! Public arena battles start at 3 pm pst.
[!DKFrost] discovered.. they still need work even now to be clear
Tormod: to remove such a foundation, would collapse everything that
Tormod: our land fragiley balances upon.
Tormod: That is surely not what we need.
[!Tormod] Ack.
Norielle: One minute Tormod
[!Tormod] I think thats me?
[!Lothe] Hmm?
[!Tormod] Anything else?
[!Lothe] Dun think so.
[!DKFrost] errr.... don't think so
[!Lothe] Frost, if you get a chance, touch on the enforcers thing.
[!DKFrost] alright
[!Lothe] Just that it's the citizens who elect them, and also
[!Lothe] corrupt superiors
[!Lothe] that are the real trouble there,
[!Lothe] and not the law being enforced.
Angelique: Piren will present the counter argument when the team
Angelique: is ready
Piren: *smiles* just a moment please^^
[!DKFrost] gotcha
Piren: *deep breath*
Piren: All right
Piren: Tormod, made some very nice points
Piren: however, we are not trying to remove a law because it is
Norielle: Note, Angelique was called away, I will moderate
Piren: difficult to enforce, but because it is *impossible*
Piren: to enforce
Piren: Yes, the laws concerning Heresy may have been around since
Piren: politics began, but so has something else...
Piren: corruption
Piren: *coughs* MIleth *coughs*
[!Tormod] Excellent
<!Lothe> Ching.
[!Tormod] That leaves you to touch on it nicely
[!Lothe] Ching! *grins*
[!DKFrost] Amusing playing right into our hands
Piren: corruption runs rampant in the officials of our fair towns
Piren: I can think of no guard, judge, demegogue, or burgess
[!DKFrost] they aren't talking about heresy at all, they're
Piren: who would willingly prosecute a friend or relative
[!DKFrost] talking about law in general.. this is too easy
Piren: for uttering some jarbled nonsense
[!Lothe] *nods and grins*
[!Tormod] yes. attack them on it
Piren: As for the jarbled nonsense itself
[!Lothe] In the famous words of Han Solo--
Piren: I have started to acquire an ear for it
[!Lothe] Keep your distance, but don't *look* like you're
Norielle: One minute remaining Piren
[!Lothe] tryin' to keep your distance.
Piren: although I do not understand it completly
[!DKFrost] err whatever that means Amusing
Piren: I am beginning to pick it up
Piren: aren't we all?
[!DKFrost] I'll do my best
[!Lothe] *grins * Ever seen Star Wars? ;p
[!DKFrost] I don't remember it too well
Piren: I think that is all...
[!Tormod] I watched it once
Piren: for now *wink*
Norielle: Ok, I beleive DKFrost is next
Norielle: Proceed when you are ready
[!Lothe] Hehe. I am a Star Wars freak ^^
DKFrost: *cracks knuckles* As you direct, Norielle ^_^
[!Tormod] <-- is trekky
[!Lothe] Break a leg, so to speak ;)
[!DKFrost] help me out guys =)
[!Lothe] Okies.
[!Lothe] One--
[!Tormod] Hit them hard about the law/corruption
[!Lothe] Corruption is the problem with the citizens who elect
[!Lothe] those officials,
[!Lothe] and their superiors.
[!Lothe] Not with the law being enforced.
DKFrost: Enforcers of a law do not reflect the worth of a law..
[!Lothe] *nods * Exactly.
[!Tormod] good :)(
DKFrost: Corruption is caused by citizens who allow it, or are
DKFrost: unwilling to create any kind of change. An argument like
DKFrost: that is one which leads towards demolition of law
DKFrost: in whole..
[!Tormod] They've not attacked us at all.
[!Tormod] We've won this easily
DKFrost: If enforcement is a problem because of the political system
DKFrost: itself and not the provisions of the specific law, then
DKFrost: there is a reason for concerned citizens to take the power
Norielle> Is heresy the only debate, or will there be another
Norielle> topic after this one?
Piren: "
DKFrost: away from corrupt individuals who wield it unjustly, not
DKFrost: to scrap laws.
Norielle" not sure of Angeliques intentions. Tormod might know.
DKFrost: Heresy's influence can be seen anywhere in Temuair, and it
[!Lothe] No thanks to Eduardo's brilliant removal policy *coughs*
DKFrost: has been agreed by all present that it is a bad thing..
DKFrost: It will take a strong aisling and reduce them to a soulless,
[!Lothe] Corrupt of the mind, spirt, and whatnot by
[!Lothe] the foul touch thingy.
[!Lothe] If it comes in nicely.
[!Tormod] Just here I think :)
[!Lothe] Zing. *nods*
DKFrost: spiritless, hopeless entity which refers to itself as a
DKFrost: 'character' in a 'game' rather than that which they truly
[!Lothe] *laughs* Niiice.
[!Tormod] This has worked out really good :)
DKFrost: are: A being infused with a God's spark to fight darkness.
[!DKFrost] is that all?
[!Lothe] Perfect ending.
DKFrost: That is all
[!Tormod] A closing statement.
[!Tormod] Lothe?
[!DKFrost] oops
[!Tormod] You going to sumarise all at the end?>
Norielle: Ok, Desloc, I believe you are our final
[!Lothe] I think so *nods*
[!Lothe] Shouldn't be too difficult.
[!Tormod] Ok. I just told Norielle to let us sumarise
Norielle: And then we will have closing arguements
[!Lothe] Spokey dokey.
Desloc: *ahem* One moment please.
Norielle: Whenever you are ready
[!Lothe] ((Wooh. I got my victory music playing~ ))
[!DKFrost] Amusing! me too
[!Lothe] ((Yo Pumpkin Head! from Cowboy BeBop^^
[!Lothe] What's your music of choice? ;p ))
[!DKFrost] lufia sinistral theme Amusing
Desloc: We have stated that the heresy laws do have a place in
Lothe: Gramail debates^^
Norielle: Gramail debate on Law
Desloc: society.
[!Lothe] hehe^^
Desloc: What we argue is that they need to be changed.
Tormod: *Psst* Listen please
Desloc: No one can argue that the laws in their current form...
Desloc: Aren't inept. That is, that they are being abused.
Desloc: And are not being enforced as they should be.
Desloc: Perhaps a change is in order?
[!DKFrost] do they know what they're supposed to represent?
[!Lothe] I'm not sure =P
[!Tormod] Doesnt look like it
[!DKFrost] I feel sorry for them, they really had the cards stacked
[!DKFrost] against them heh
Desloc: *ahem* I say we scrap our current heresy law.
[!Lothe] heh :X
[!Tormod] Im helping him :P
[!Tormod] He's a good Acolyte :P
Desloc: And attempt to create something less strict, but more
[!DKFrost] Amusing!
Desloc: enforcable.
Drelalala: Why is that?
Desloc: I am finished.
Norielle: Very good. we will now have closing arguements.
Norielle: Lothe? Need some time?
[!Tormod] 'impossible :P stance that is'
[!Tormod] from desloc
Lothe: Hmm...just a moment, okies?^^
[!Lothe] Okay, summary goes like this--
[!Lothe] Guards problem, not law
Norielle: Yes, both teams should confer during this time
[!Lothe] Heresy rips aparat aisling souls
[!Tormod] The law is sound.
[!Lothe] *nod nod*
[!Lothe] Anything else?
[!DKFrost] I think that about does it
[!Tormod] You could touch on that Mileth and Rucesion laws... also with
Lothe: Okay, shall I start then?
Norielle: Please
[!Tormod] mundane and Gramail law... they all agree on heresy.
Lothe: *nods* Alright.
[!Tormod] It MUST be a good law.
Lothe: Essentially, heresy laws are an integral part of the
Lothe: aisling world.
[!DKFrost] you're good at this Tormod ^_^
Lothe: Rucesion, Mileth, and Mundane laws all have
[!Tormod] I wrote the gramail laws :P
[!Tormod] Im used to argueing - heh
Lothe: anti-heresy clauses in them,
Lothe: and almost every religious temple frowns upon it.
Lothe: In addition, the heresy laws are entirely enforcable,
[!DKFrost] I bet.. fellowship was shambles when I left it
Lothe: there, discrepancies fall on the shoulders of the
Lothe: enforcers,
Lothe: and not the merits of the law enforced.
Lothe: The trouble lies with citizens who indiscrimenantly elect
Lothe: anyone who begs their vote,
Lothe: or those who knowingly vote for a corrupt official.
Lothe: Heresy itself rips apart aisling souls,
Lothe: transforming them into blathering mounds of flesh
[!Tormod] good
Desloc" Amusing! i like that :)
Lothe: less capable of true, free thought, than even the
[!DKFrost] great wording
Lothe: most simple-minded of mundanes.
Desloc> Thanks ;)
Lothe: So the heresy laws exist for the same reason
Lothe: Rucesion's lamps burn--
Lothe: They are a bastion against the darkness,
Lothe: a darkness which the aisling was created to fight.
[!Tormod] very good - i forgot that old tale
Lothe: If we do not arm ourselves with all possible weapons,
[!DKFrost] bravo
Lothe: heresy laws included,
Lothe: then we have failed our given quest,
Lothe: and failed Temuair as well.
Lothe: I close.
[!Tormod] Excellent.
[!Lothe] Thanks ^^
Norielle: Thank you Lothe.
Drelalala: *cheers*
[!DKFrost] You rock ^_^
[!Tormod] If you're in the Gramail trinity, you've got a geas :)
Norielle: Angelrex, whenever you are ready
[!Lothe] *laughs* I'm not, sorry, but it feels good to hear^^
[!DKFrost] err.. hello?
Norielle: ok, Piren will present the closing arguements for B team
Norielle: Go ahead Piren
Piren: *smiles*
Piren: May have one moment, please?^^
[!Lothe] Eee?
Norielle: Sure
[!DKFrost] No one said or did anything for a few minutes.. thought
[!DKFrost] I passed out or something
[!Tormod] heh
[!Lothe] ahh, hehe^^
Norielle: No problem, visitors may come and gp
Norielle: *go
Piren: *deep breath*
Piren: Heresy
Piren: as we all know, and agree, is bad
[!Tormod] I thought they already closed?
[!Lothe] So why are we debating? :X
Piren: And yes of course the officials may carry some blame for it's
[!Lothe] nope.
[!DKFrost] Very amusing....
[!Lothe] They still have closing argument to make.
[!DKFrost] I wonder what their point will be
Piren: ability to run rampant all over Temuair
Piren: But what is to be done about the officials?
[!Lothe] Who can tell. They don't seem totally sure of
[!Lothe] what they're arguing for :X
Piren: Surely we could never fill the offices with complete
Piren: and true, fair aislings
[!DKFrost] I kinda wish I was on their side, it woulda been fun to
Piren: as they are quite rare these days
[!DKFrost] argue heresy being a good thing and the political system as
[!DKFrost] a failure Amusing
Piren: So we have no choice, but do away witht he law it's self
Piren: Because...
[!Tormod] None of their arguments have meshed together
Piren: *gets thoughts together*
[!Tormod] they've not.. hmm..
Piren: Recently
[!Tormod] I cant think of the word :P
Piren: as a few of you may know, a young aisling, desperatly trying
[!DKFrost] i think all of us have had more time in temuair and more
[!Lothe] Integrated? Synergized? MEETINGED?
[!DKFrost] experience with this kinda stuff heh
Piren: to enforce the heresy laws, and bring justice to Temuair
[!Lothe] *nod nod* Especially to remember back to when heresy
[!Lothe] was very much enforcable and enforced.
Piren: was unable to battle such a monstrous force
[!Tormod] I think it's definately enforcable.
Piren: She lost all faith her god
Piren: lost all faith in the aisling
[!Lothe] *nods*
Tormod: *looks at Piren*
Piren: lost all faith in herself
[!DKFrost] Its enforceable, but all the hubae accounts make that difficult
[!Tormod] She's talking about herself now :(
Piren: And as many of you have figured out
[!Lothe] *nod nod*
Piren: I am talking about myself
[!Tormod] We had a bad episode with the yaks in the temple with her
Piren: But now, I have learned to relax
Piren: Just take it day to day, and maybe think of life as "just
Piren: a game"
[!DKFrost] the only way to deal with the yaks is to treat them
Piren: and have fun
[!DKFrost] the way anaman pact treats people in their posts
Piren: we are all going to stress ourselves into massive ulcers if
[!Lothe] heh heh.
Tormod: Quiet please whilst Piren is talking.
Piren: we try to keep these laws enforced fairly upon EVERYONE
Piren: *Deep breath*
Piren: that is all
Norielle: Well, first, thank you for all that participated
Angelrex: *applause*
Norielle: And thank you to those that observed
Lothe: *appluads^^*
Tormod: Well done everyone *smiles*
Desloc: *appluads*
[!Lothe] Nice job to both of yah :D
Norielle: yes, a round of applause all around
[!DKFrost] likewise =)
[!Lothe] ^^
Desloc: Toughest debate I've ever been in.
Angelrex: *applauds*
Piren: *claps*
DKFrost: *applauds*
Angelrex: What a debate...
Dynomo: *is sorry he feel asleep*...*but claps anway*
Norielle: I think I have been given the task of deciding
Norielle: who should "win" this debate
KylinRouge: Tormod because he has light blue shoes.
Norielle: I have to tell you that my personal feelings
Norielle: side with the A team. And I do my best to ignore that.
Norielle: Piren's emotional appeal certainly has an interestingeffect
Norielle: I found it quite interesting that the B team's stance
Norielle: was to say, the existance of the laws is ok
Norielle: just a problem with enforcement.
Norielle: However, I must judge.
Norielle: So, I have to say that in final judgement
Norielle: I was not convinced of your arguement.
[!Tormod] :D
[!Lothe] yaaaaaay us^^
[!Tormod] Need to ungroup guys
[!Tormod] cya :)
Norielle: But I also have to say that you started at a disadvantage
[!Lothe] Okay^^
[!DKFrost] Go us ^_^ see ya
Norielle: I think both teams did an outstanding job.
Norielle: Team A has won the debate.
Dynomo: is that your Final Answer?
Norielle: Thank you all again.
Piren: *claps*
Lothe: *claps ^_^*
Tormod: Thankyou for coming.
Desloc: Congratulations
Piren: Good job guys^^
Angelrex: *applauds*
Norielle: *claps loudly*
Lothe: Thanks ^_^
DKFrost: Likewise ^_^
Piren: *shakes hands*
Desloc: *claps*
Angelrex: *shakes hands*
Tormod: Thanks everyone for taking part!
Lothe: You did nicely too :D
Lothe: *shakes~ *
Tormod: If you can all wait a moment!
Piren: *shakes hands*
DKFrost: *shakes hands* your appeal at the end was really great
Angelrex: I think everyone would have been on A's side had we all
Starza: *Claps even though she missed the entire thing?*
Angelrex: chosen
Tormod: The next Gramail event begins shortly.
Tormod: We will be putting Anarachy on Trial.
Tormod: Those who wish to participate...
Tormod: meet here in 15 minutes.
DKFrost: Me me me!
Tormod: Also
Desloc: Afraid I can not attend. Mundane issues. :(
Tormod: All of those from within the Gramail trinity of Gramail
Tormod: Luathas and Fiosachd...
Tormod: have earnt a lesser geas for attending.
Tormod: If you meet at the Gramail temple, you can receive it.
Lothe: Yeth~
Desloc: I have to leave now. Be safe, everyone.
Lothe: And you =)
Piren: Good Bye Desloc
Piren: *smiles*
Angelrex: Bye Desloc
Piren: I'm going to go look around
Norielle> Whee, thanks for hosting :D That was a fun event^^


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