OOC Events, translated into IC, part one

I just thought I'd address some things, various events OOC translated to IC for your pleasure.

OOC: Level

IC: Etienne brought up a point on the demagogue's list that simply trading insight for level is like trading six for half a dozen. It's not as easy as all that. If you've gained a "level", you'd want to say "I have had an insight" or "I've received some insight." Insight isn't something you do or reach in my opinion. If it were simple (another example from Etienne) we'd have them saying "kewl. I insighted."

OOC: Experience as a number

IC: Experience should be vague. If you're close to having your next insight, you could say "I just need a bit more practice with that goblin..." or "I'm so close...so close to being a battle-honed warrior" If it's far away, "It seems I have much learning to do" or something similar.

OOC: Stats as a number.

IC: Similar to experience, stats should be vague. You wouldn't say to someone on the street "I have 30 strength" You'd do something along the lines of "<flexes See this muscle? That's earned well from battle" or "I know I could take that guy with my bare hands!" Creativity is a nice addition into it.

Some say they lack creativity. Well in that case, just avoid the matter all together. If you play an arrogant person, if the situation ever arises that someone asks you, you could just reply "I need not explain myself to the likes of YOU." If they are kind and calm thinking, say "I appreciate the concern but that's not really relevant at this time." or simply "I haven't tested it out lately so I'm not sure..."

OOC: Lag, crashing, logging

IC: If someone is lagging, then they could say they're "feeling a bit sluggish", or they "can't pull themselves together." Could also say "The aethers are really thick this time of day/night" Crashing...I personally like to say I "blacked out" but even just saying you were temporarily distorted into another realm works. This is a land of magic after all. Logging on/off can simply just be waking up and going to sleep. But you can also leave for a journey where you can't be contacted, "going to your study" (I always use this when I go to work on writings and such), or simply just going deep into the forest/town/castle as to be unreachable.

OOC: Regular Terran time

IC: Something that precious little seem to know how to get. Temuairan time. I'm one of the few experts out there. <grins

Temuairan time, simply stated, is 8 times as fast as regular time but it's a bit more complicated than that. Temuair goes on a lunar calendar, meaning 28 days per "month" (called a moon). Each Temuairan week has 8 Temuairan days in it, meaning that a month is 3 1/2 Temuairan weeks long. There are still 12 moons in a Deoch so that total there are 336 days in a Temuairan year.

Confused yet? I'll go over it again with Terran measurements. To do short measurements, just multiply by 8. 10 minutes waiting in real life means 80 minutes waiting in Temuair...about an hour 20 mins. 1 hour in real life means 8 in Temuair, 1 day in real life means 8 days in Temuair, and so on.
Each Temuairan day lasts 3 hours in real life. Now a week in Temuair lasts, conveniently, a day in real life. A moon in Temuair lasts 3 1/2 days in real life so two moons (a double-moon) is able to last a week real time. And 6 double-moons would be a whole cycle (a Deoch) meaning that every 6 week a Deoch passes.

It's not always feasible to figure the Temuairan equivalent to everything though, so if something's going to happen far in the future or continuous, it's fine to use OOC dates for this. It's just whenever it's practical, it does add to the atmosphere.

Well...this is all I can really think of right now (or all I want to write). I'll put more suggestions up as I think of them and if anyone has a situation they want to try and stump me with (heh), you're quite welcome to try.

-Dartanian Lestor

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