Chatroom speech in RPGs

Um, I have never heard "lol" spoken in real life..that's a chatroom abbreviation pure and simple. The only thing close to sounding like it is "lull" which means "to calm or induce sleep." Very different from what they mean by "lol." Usually if you're going to laugh, you just do.

If you want to laugh, what is so wrong with typing <laughs>? It's not that much longer than lol and seems much, MUCH more RPish. U, r, c, 2, and 4 bother me as abbreviations because, seriously, how difficult is it to type two more letters? Plz and thx only have 3 more letters to them so why there
had to be an abbreviation made, I have no idea. Brb, if you're lazy, can just turn to <leaves>. It's not exactly as clean, but it gets it across.

And, now that I think of it, isn't cursing really just "poor etiquette" too? And speech too? Just because they're thought of as "universally wrong" doesn't mean they're really all that different...thx is especially rude to me, as I think, you want to thank someone but can't even have the decency to take effort to type 3 extra letters.

So to me, I'll stick with my heckling that some will get and some won't. Berebe, as Deksar so wonderfully pronounced, will be nothing but babble. Reminds me of someone taking their finger to their lips and twiddling it. Lol, I'll assume, is their attempt to put someone to sleep. Not clear exactly who. Lvl I always take as two things, either the stories of a house or that they want to deck someone ("Level you? Sure thing. <smack>"). Plz I'll accept as please but ask them if they have a lisp or some other affliction. And of course, something could be thx as bee's honey or mollasses, right?

And sure that it could be pronounced phonetically those ways, but rest assured, that's not their intent. It's good old fashion laziness and grating on me. Although it does seem silly that someone who can speak like "I'd 'ave ne'er seen th' lad." or "Ah'm shua thaut if'n ye go dawn tha road past tha ol' bawn, ye canna miss it" (a privileged few have heard my rural accent ;) ) can't have the creativity to accept "oic." Tis a thing I 'ave t' work on, eh lad?

-Dartanian Lestor's non-sensical babbling for the day.

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