On Marriage and Fae-Love in Temuair

There are grand differences in the two forms of combining your life with another. One is the fae love and one is the marriage. Kali and I have never thought it was necessary to go with the concept of marriage because we treat each other that way anyways. I've never thought of her as any different from me wife. It's a deep heart that burns for it.

Here are the differences: Fae Love represents passionate love, sometimes short lived, but hopefully not. It also represents companionate love, loving to be with and support a person. Being there for them for all time. Glioca is associated with passionate love and the caring that comes with companionate love. Glioca watchs over the fae love ceremonies and blesses those who do.

Marriage, on the other hand, is joining two people to pass on the family name, from a mundane sense. It is practical, and allows a person to have "heirs" to take on their estate, work, etc. It is still love, but it is more in the realm of Gramail. In fact, many mundane marriages are NOT allowed to be those whom the bride or groom would pick, but rather is decided for them in a sort of legal decision. Therefore, taking that definition of marriage, Kali and I would not necessarily like to represent the law as such. Others disagree and thus they find another to marry. Since marriage is to promote "heirs" to the mundane parents, that would be why they would not allow two of the same gender to do so.

It seems disheartening and disillusioned but this is how mundanes think. I wouldn't wish to think of it in that way, which is why I doubt Kali and I would ever get married. It is a genuine love that beats and fae love seems much more appropriate.

-Dartanian Lestor

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