Alternative Cursing for the Role-Player

Just on this topic got me thinking, there are plenty of ways to curse. Why does it have to be "official cursing" to be a curse? I just thought I'd compile a list of ways I would "get around" the filter. Feel free to add onto this list with your own suggestions:

Common curses:
Ye gods
Goddess/Danaan bless (it)
Blast it (all)
By Chadul's beard/toe/little pinky/any body part

Specific curses (i.e. against people you don't like or heretics):
Blasted heathen!
May the pits of Chadul claim you!
Maggots feast on your lifeless corpse!
Rabid wolves gnaw at your bones!
Chadul curse you with the infinite dark!
Danaan rob you of Her warmth!

Ugly insults:
I'll tell the goblins to quit aiming for the face then, alright?
That mug would scare the dubhaimid.
Why not travel to Tagor? With that face, you'd fit right in.

Stupidity insults:
Did a goblin smack you on the head when you were young?
Luathas must have been drinking some fine wine with that one.
Raised by dubhaimid, (s)he was. And even they thought her/him a little dim.

Omens/bad feelings:
Fiosachd seems to have forsaken me/us.
It is an ill wind that blows here.
May [Diety of choice] protect us.

I'm kind of sluggish today so I'm sure I missed plenty. Feel free to fill in the gaps.

-Dartanian Lestor


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