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Makeing Money

I'm back, with new services to Temuair

Hi everyone! Did you miss me? Didn't think so.

Y'know, I've heard about the new religion system. Why, I think it's a great idea. It's really inspired me to create something of my own. I've noticed a lot of aislings have had financial troubles. Now I know what you're thinking, "plz vot 4 me bcuz i relly want 2 b a demagage!!!!!!1" But that doesn't really have anything to do with what I'm talking about.

The way it works is, you sign up and give me 10K, and then half of what you get from the people under you every moon. Then you go to your friends and have *them* give you 10K and half of what all their friends give *them* every moon. And then they go to their friends and ask *THEM* to give 10K and the moonly duty. Everyone wins! Here, to illustrate my point, this is how it works.

2-2-2-2 2-2-2-2 2-2-2-2

So you see, each of us has several people below us giving us 10K every moon. This is based off of the very same principal we know and love in our religion systems, where the priest must initate X number of followers to proceed, the priests of which must initiate their own following to proceed. As you can see, this is a wonderful system.

Not only is this a great system simply based on it's own merits, but there are psychic merits, as well! Did you know that a pyramid irradiates special magical energies around it? It's true! It's called pyramid power! Likewise, my pyramid*cough*..scamperingly delightfully profitable wonderful thing thats not a scam irradiates special financial energies, ensuring that you *always* have the costs to pay for your repair bills! You can't lose! All you have to do is sit still and reap the rewards of what you have sown!

Happy money making!

--Wuhao Iosef Mythrin

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