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Hot and Not on the Temuair Pantheon

Well, here we are, darlings. Unless there was a Deoch 0, aislings have been around for almost 20 years now. 20 years of aisling spark, wit, and creativity. So then, after 20 years, it's time we investigate something far older. The Temuairian Pantheon.

Let's all rate the gods on a variety of traits. I'll kick it off, and then someone else can follow up.

Fashion: Do they really DRESS godly?
Social endowment: How much does it mean when you say you follow them?
Toughness: If this god or goddess got into a bar fight, what're the odds they'd be left standing?
Wisdom: Can you really trust this god's mind?

Let's begin. I'll start with Fiosachd.

I've followed Fiosachd my whole life. I even briefly held the position of high priest. So, I may be a bit biased in this review.

Fashion: Fiosachd may be the god of wealth, but he evidently doesn't feel he can take a few coins to get a better outfit. Oh, sure, he looks very roguey, but does he really need that beard, or the baggy pants? Even still, he beats most people around here. And at least he's not Cail.
Fashion: 6/10

Social endowment: Let's face facts. Everyone and their brother follows Fiosachd. Saying you follow Fiosachd is very much like saying you have a bell-shaped birthmark.
Social: 2/10

Toughness: Fiosachd wouldn't likely get into a fight. More likely, he would get an unfavorable hand in a game of cards, and would take the cheating (after all, you have to cheat to beat the god of luck) bugger out into an alley and tell him that if he didn't want a whole bunch of bad luck to befall him, he'd turn over the cash and the marked cards now.

If it sadly turned out that the cheater was a highly skilled warrior or monk, there might be something of a problem. But any attempt to strike him, being the god and luck and all, would result in a rather comical series of side-effects that finally resulted in his attacker being hit in the face by a large, heavy object placed into motion by his own strike.

Failing that, his attacker would just trip on his shoelaces on the way home and break his neck.
Tougness: 8/10

Wisdom: Really, one doesn't generally associate rogues with wisdom, considering you see rogues taking on huge monsters by themseles. But Fiosachd is definitely clever. You just don't go against Fiosachd and not expect a variety of clever tricks to be employed against you. In fact, I bet if we ask Deksar, he can give us a history of the word "clever," tracing it back to an ancient Hy-brasyl word for "Fiosachd."
Wisdom: 9/10

Overall: 6.5/10


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