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Found a parchment

I found a parchment dropped on the ground here, just by the small pool of water a few paces in front of this board. I found what appeared to be the words "Run, First Term Guard", although there was a tear after the letter 'n'. Why would first term guards run? Anyway, the parchment is as follows:



The notorious criminal, Marcus Bullini, has been traced to our fair town of Rucesion. Marcus Bullini is wanted, dead or alive, by the aisling governments of Rucesion, Mileth, as well as the mundane governments of Suomi, Undine, and the Kingdom of Loures.

He is wanted, for among other things, the wholesale slaughter of dozens of innocent civilians during his involvement in a continental terrorist ring known as the Danaan's Light Brigade, sewing the seeds of insidious heretical beliefs, crimes against humanity, and littering.

Thought dead after being pierced by an arrow while fleeing Piet, recent evidence has surfaced to suggest Bullini is alive and well, going under the pseudonym "Arne Gustaf Swanberg."

Authorities have already captured his accomplice, Terref. Any information leading to the capture or death of Marcus Bullini, and/or the proof of atrocities committed by his crime syndicate "Unseelie Court" will be rewarded.

Run\, First Term Guard


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