The Hao of Wu ;-)...sorry, I couldn't resist

I am defeated.

Since my childhood, I have wanted not but to be a writer. Even my religious studies took second place to my love for the written word. But I write this to you today admitting that I am obsolete. A relic of an old era of arcane verbs and unnecessary adjectives, who can only stand in the way of the progress of true masters. And they know who they are.

Indeed, their writings on this board are profound and poetic. Short, simple, but with the sort of meaning that echoes through your mind eternally, stirring your heart with an eternal flame of inspiration, with the futile hope that you could one day parallel their genius. But alas, very few can lay claim the lofty level of skill and talent demonstrated by these fine writers.

I have studied the quill, learned to hold it just so, learned to use and distribute the ink in precise quantities to maintain a constant, legible form. And while my spelling has never been perfect, I pride myself on my ability to keep the errors down to the tedious. But all this is pointless in the new era.

I write this to you today to admit defeat. The poetry of the arguments below has impressed me to such degree that for me to even write is to shame the words used by these literary geniuses.

In the words of these astonishing authors, I admit freely: I am 0WN3D. Their wit is too swift, their intellect too deep, their 1337ness too vast for me to possibly compare.

"You retard.
Shut up"

Could it be simpler, could it be more powerful and meaningful? No, I doubt it. And I sincerely say with the deepest of deep honesty that even were it possible, I would never be the one to improve upon it.

Wuhao Iosef Mythrin
Aging Relic

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