The Hao of Wu ;-)...sorry, I couldn't resist

The joys of creativity

by Wuhao Iosef Mythrin

Every day, we all get up and go about our lives. And every day, we attempt to liven them up with a touch of creativity. Sometimes we show our creativity by being spontaneous; Other times, by simply writing something.

The world is filled with good ideas. For instance, imagine if you became a guard and went on a mad banishing spree! Surely no two-bit wanna-be dictator has ever thought up -that- one before.

Or if you started making posts about..and this is the really funny part..CHEESE! Imagine the hilarity, because posts about cheese are surely not what the general public expects to find on their boards! Surely some grumpy-face Jones might make a snide remark about how we've heard that for the past 12 deoches, but don't mind sourpusses like them.

Or - Or - What if you decided to start making funny names out of people's names? For instance, my own name - Wuhao - sounds almost like an exclamation of joy or exhilaration. But if you add an 'r', instead of Wuhao (woo-how), it becomes Wuhaor -- which could possibly be interpreted, if pronounced in the proper manner, to be a highly insulting name indeed!

The wit of it all! And to think, such names came from a would-be initiate who didn't even know what Fiosachd represented, or indeed how to pronounce his name!

Creativity can brighten up even the darkest scenarios. Did you get banished from your own city? Don't get mad, don't get sad, get creative! I bet you can find a truly hilarious, witty commentary to make on the guard's sexual preferences.

Some people think you have to actually know something about what you're talking about. Those people are simply uncreative. You know this, because if they were creative, they'd just let creativity fill the blanks!

One creative lad came to me in the Fiosachd temple and asked about an initiation. I led him down into the corner and began giving him the inquisition.
"Who are his allies?" I asked, to which he replied,
"umm can i go up and ask the lady?"
But the lad didn't despair -- He got creative!
"Glioca, Cail, and Sgrios!" he proudly said with a beaming smile. Most people would call this bald-faced lying, but the more enlightened among us understand that, even though after five more minutes of this I had to toss him out of the temple by his ear, he still deserves a gold star for creativity.

Indeed, creativity can be applied in oh-so-many places. Did you know Ceannlaidir, the god of war himself, is a rather creative man? It's true! When he desired to shame and dishonor his foe Glioca, he didn't just give in to her followers cries of love and respect -- He got creative! Ceannlaidir drugged Glioca and slept with her!

Most people would call this an "atrocity," but from an artist's perspective, it's just creativity.

Creativity can be there for you in your blackest hour, and can lead you your most shining moments. So next time you're in a snitch, don't get mad -- GET CREATIVE!

Wuhao Iosef Mythrin

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