The Hao of Wu ;-)...sorry, I couldn't resist

I'm dissapointed

Hi, Everyone!

I think you'll all remember that about two or three deoches ago, I left you. I warned you that one day, I would return with an army of rabid squirrels. Or was it chipmunks? I really can't remember, so I brought both for good measure. Anyway, my point is that I said that I was going to lay waste to anyone and anything not flying the flag of Wuhao. This being, of course, the stylized gold "W" against a red background. Well, I'm looking around, and I can't see it anywhere.

Listen. I know that you all have your own problems, and your own needs, but just put yourselves in my shoes for a minute and think about how hard it is to destroy an entire world. Really. It's not easy. But, no one will even lift a finger to help me out here by allowing me to separate them from the rest of the world.

As some of you know, world domination is a very tough business. But even despite the high overhead costs, I can offer you a deal if you join me. Here are just a few benifits you enjoy as a legion of my mighty army.

1) The joyous feeling of being a part of something grand
2) My cheerful, spunky personality.
3) Full medical coverage
4) A free "Empire of Wuhao" totebag

And how does one join the Legions of Wuhao? Simple! Just place my seal at the base of your posts.
It looks like this: /\|

It's easy! It's free! It beats being nibbled to death by squirrels and rabbits!

Wuhao Iosef Mythrin

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