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Getting into the Mileth Fair: A survival guide

As many of you know, we've seen at least two "false alarms" concerning the opening of the Mileth fair. This has led to a massive storm of people coming into Mileth, and an unfortunate strain on the guards on duty and the time, along with people banished for things which they did not quite understand were illegal.

So, I'd like to tell you how we can all get what we want: The guards can be relatively free of burden, and the fairgoers can have rapid access to the fair.

1) Patience. Yes, I know this isn't what you want to read, but when you hear the cry that the fair has opened, ask yourself: What's the advantage of going now? By the time you get there, you will be contending with dozens of others to move around. It will be a crowded, congested mess. Wait about 8 hours ((1 hour IRL)) to enter the fair. Things will be more sane, and you'll still have over a doublemoon to enjoy the fair.

2) Don't wait in Mileth! People love to think that the Mileth fair is in the actual town of Mileth. It is not. In much the same way as the Eastern Woodlands and Abel, it is in an area adjacent to Mileth. If you absolutely must wait, please consider waiting in Abel, the woods, Kasmanium Mines, and Pravat Cave. I would rather you not block entrances, but if I can't have that, I'd like to see you thin the obstruction between these areas.

3) Please do not obstruct the roads. Firstly, this is illegal -- There is an interpretation on the town charter by Judge Fynius that makes obstructing an offense. The first offense is warning, and the second offense is banishment. If any wish to see this in writing, I will be posting it on the Mileth Community Board under the title of "Fynius's Interpretation."

Please wait off to the sides of the roads in a non-obstructing, orderly fashion -- This means don't block off the college or political office in Mileth while you're waiting, or any other road in the area you may be waiting in.

4) Try not to talk to the guards -- They've probably got their hands full with whispers and conversation. If you feel they acted injustly, they probably won't be much more just if you start annoying them while they're in the thick of this. Instead, write a letter to me (yes, even if I'm awake, I'm probably in the thick of this too), and I will begin processing these as soon as the storm has passed.

5) Please be kind and understanding of everyone in this. This means not shouting "MOVE U [insert favorite profanity here]". This means not claiming someone's soul for saying that to you. This means not being upset that a guard didn't notice when either of those happened. These things, as I have said before and will say again, bring out the worst in all of us.

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