The Hao of Wu ;-)...sorry, I couldn't resist

"I am enthralled by your beauty"
By Chippy, Rabid Romantic

I gaze into your beautiful eyes, the two beautiful pools of life and light that pour into my soul and illuminate every facet of my being, and my heart is set aflame with desire.

As I observe your fantastic figure stride gracefully across the unworthy ground, every thought in my mind screams and yearns for one thing, and one thing alone. All other thought is pushed from my mind as though someone took a mental broom and neatly swept them away.

Seeing you here, this way, tonight, reveals to my the purpose of my existence; The sole reason I was placed here upon this world, to live, to love, to cry, to smile; All these things happen for the greater purpose of my life: To bite you.

I wish to sink my teeth into your arm once, twice, thrice; Again and again until my jaws simply will not clench anymore. And then I will smile with my tired lips, and snuggle up to you, with your beautiful hair, your elegant face, your body carved by the gods themselves as the paragon of beauty, your fair, tender skin punctured by dozens of bite marks, and gently fall asleep, knowing that this night I have fulfilled my ultimate desire: To bite.

It is meant to be. I stand before you as a slave to fate, to destiny. I wish to bite you because I was created to bite you. It is fate's desire that my teeth meet you, and it is my desire as well. Let us not worry about institutions of man such as hygiene and medicine, and simply honor the wishes of the gods.



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