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The war

Since the announcement that masters of Light and Dark have been selected to choose their disciples and wage war in Temuair has been made, I've noticed a large number of people saying that they will side with one particular side.

I challenge the wisdom of this. If one side wins, we will eternally be robbed of one side of the universe. People despise the things associated with the dark for the pain and sorrow they bring; But consider this: What art has ever sprung from a world without pain or sorrow?

This is even assuming that pain and sorrow belong only to the darkness; I disagree with this statement, as well. Both sides are extremists. To glorify the light, we do away with Chadul. What next? Well, we begin to go after the murderers and thieves. How long until we begin to do away with lawbreakers entirely? How long does it take before you no longer fit neatly between the straight and rapidly narrowing lines that define a moral life?

The light will burn itself out this way, and become darkness.

Darkness cannot be allowed to win, either. The case hardly needs be made there: A side which obsesses itself with destruction will, surprise surprise, find itself faced with destruction.

Neither side must be allowed to win. We need both to truly live freely.

I cast my lot with the shadow -- A darkness which cannot exist without light, and finds itself far brighter than true darkness.

Wuhao Iosef Mythrin

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