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My friends, the time has come for me to perform a public service. Unfortunately, as a public servant, I am lacking. I wish to repay my debt to society here and now, by educating you all on being a good mentor.

This is a very serious responsibility, and is not to be taken lightly. Many people think they can just go through the process, and forget about it. Not true. A student needs love and attention.

Students oft ask me for things, causing me to refer them to their mentors. "But my mentor hates me," they say. "He doesn't even talk to me." One must befriend their students.

Wuhao: Grasshopper, follow me.
Student: B..*wheeze*B..ut..We've been marching for hours!

Bad mentors would allow their students to get away with this argumentative insolence.

"Fret not, it is not much further!" <---Bad
"Come here. Yes, yes, a little closer. That's good. *SMACK* Don't talk back. Don't forget, you're my student. I OWN you. I'd shut the hell up unless you want to be stuck with manual labor." <---Good

Often times, mentors will tire of their students and neglect them. This is bad for a multitude of reasons. Firstly, it is a tragedy to the student, and will scar them for life. Secondly, it's bad business. A good mentor who sees 'the big picture' will sell their student to wandering, seedy slave traders. This is considerably more fair, to both you and your student.

Naturally, the student will see otherwise. But that's why they're the student and you're the mentor. They just haven't learned to see the 'big picture.'

One must not neglect the students they choose to keep, however. Be certain to occasionally offer them slight praise, or at least a small intermission from the constant abuse and pain you inflict upon them. As with all things, don't over do it.

"You learned beannaich! That's very good, student! I'm so proud!" <---Bad
"Beannaich Nice. Congrats. I won't treat you like a maggot anymore. You're a full-grown fly." <---Good

Do try and be a good mentor. Treating a fellow aisling poorly ruins a day, but treating a student poorly ruins a life.

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