Guilds and Motleys, Aislings and Mundanes: Temuair is interlocked

The Cycle

<<adaptation from the Abel Tavern Tales, various authors>>

Somewhere in the distance, a star bursts into light, falls and fades, glimmering off behind the Kasmanium mountain range, where the dreaded draco's of Temuair lurk. Standing in the cold streets of Temuair, one might notice this star, glimmering off in the distance. It represents those whom choose to leave us, as they begin a journey anew. Some to the aodsa. Some to Kadath.

They were once bright lights, so bright, they couldn't contain their flame without effort. So bright, that Aislings had to shield their eyes from the inner glow of these beautiful Aislings once portrayed. That time is gone. The shining has faded and dulled, much like a gem which has been polished to much. The rogue, standing staring at the faded gem, tosses it aside and continues on, leaving the forgotten gem clattering about the streets of a city far too quiet, almost lifeless.

It clatters about, making a skittering noice which echos off the sides of the well constructed buildings. Across the plaza, just south of the Rucesion shrine, we see another rogue step cautiously out onto the empty tiled streets. He eyes the gem as his eyes flare with light. The light of an Aisling. The streetlamps glowing with the light that keep the dubhaim away watch silently as this rogue stealthily makes his way past the once great tavern of the Jaelithe family, once great Inn of the radh family of ages past. The building had known many names, many purposes, it had lost it's light, empty and barren, waiting for life to once again return to it.

The rogue then looks down at the gem, eyeing it with intensity to make sure no watchful eyes are pondering his quick movements as he snatches up the gem. He looks at it with great admiration. A few quick polishes and it would be as good as new. Magic happens as he begins to rub the gem which then returns the same shimmer and sparkle it once had. He then places the gem on a nearby portal, just on the archway in an indentation. The gem silently ebbed the light it had been giving, illuminating the doorway with a soft light.

A baby is heard crying in the distance. If one could look just beyond the font to a mundane home, a light is on. It is a joyous occasion. A new Aisling child is born unto Temuair, another shining light.

For each light that fades, another brilliant light will come to take it's place, for this is the cycle.

<<end exerpt>>

Dedicated to Sakura, Maerista, and those whom have faded from Temuair's beauty and grace.

Fiat Lux,

~ Paladine Meatha, compiler of the Abel Tavern Tales.


Abel Tavern Tales


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