» A young bard enters a small tavern north of the port of Abel. He almost falls backwards as a large crowd of people greet him.

Sayle, a young priest who has come to join the festivities, is chasing a young barmaid around. Imajica, a smirk on her face, rasberries Paladine, who, holding the money box, rasberries back. Pasha, watching all the interactions, shakes his head and looks up, muttering something intelligible.

The young bard manages to find a place in the back. Anthea, having to keep running to the rest room changing dresses, is very indecisive about which look is better for story telling.

Estara, grinning lightly at the joyful playfulness of all those in the inn, takes a seat on a large bench next to Swanberg. She puffs up her chest and, with a very commanding style, screams "Cow". Everyone immediately quiets down, looking at her in a most peculiar way. Mind Torakak, who, wearing his cow mask, only replies with "Moo." A normal night for the Abel Tavern.

Paladine walks to the shelf behind the bar and pulls out the volume called "Abel Tavern Tales" and pulls up a fresh parchment. He prepares himself to add ogres, fae, laughing, drinking, interactions, drama, and horror all to this little book.

Would you care to join, friends?

Join us on a journey of storytelling, a night never to be forgotten as we explore the Abel Tavern Tales...«

~ Paladine Meatha, compiler of the Abel Tavern Tales.

  • The Cycle
    ~by Paladine Meatha, Compiler of the Abel Tavern Tales
    - Dedicated to Aislings Lost and Found
  • A Story
    ~by Palderon
    - An adventure tale of epic dimensions in a land far from Temuair
  • Memories by Evalyn-Lina
    ~by Evalyn-Lina Corr, Aisling Persona
    - The past can be seen clearer when looked at from a new perspective

  • A Coin of Hope
    ~by Sybil of Cashel Rock
    - in any darkness there shines a light
  • A Childhood Tale
    ~by Facade Malenroh
    - stupidity will not save you from the darkness
  • Failure
    ~by Rena the Third
    - the depths of despair (don't read this if you are easily moved and easily depressed, please)

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