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The Beauty of Danaan.

<<adaptation from the Abel Tavern Tales, various authors>>

The little one's eyes sparkled. Pools of emerald, crystalline and clear. They shifted back and forth taking in all that was around them. The world anew, life. Somewhere in the distance, we hear a roar of pain. A goblin, felled to the earth by a well known Aisling Warrior. He looked down at his shining gladius, made of a dark metal, it seemed to reflect the moonlight and draw in the sunlight. He grabbed a rag, wiping the green goblin blood from the blade and looked down and the fallen goblin guard, who's body was now deformed from the multiple blade swings and gashes.

And yet again, we hear the sound of a lute, carried on the breeze. Somewhere over near the Pravat entrance, a lone priest takes to his lute, playing an enchanting melody which is lifted on the breeze and carried to the woodlands. The young rogue who had just arrived from Rucesion stopped a moment to take in all the music had to offer. Then he set back to his work, polishing another gem, for another doorway.

In the distance we hear large metal doors creak open. A bustle of red hair peeps out the crack in the doorway followed by a forever young face. Framed in the light of a shining star, Aoife Bromide steps out onto the steps of the temple and takes in the moonlight. She keeps her wits about her though, dashing behind the door at the sign of any life on the dirt roads of Mileth. She breathes in deeply, and smiles.

And at the same moment, the priest stops his playing, looks to the moon and smiles as well. Our other rogue friend whom had just placed another gem in an archway, turns around, looking at the moon, full and blazing with love, and he too smiles. The same well known warrior took a moment to catch his breath, held his sword up high and smiled. The baby then smiled. The smile of Danaan.

<<end exerpt>>

Fiat Lux,

~ Paladine Meatha, compiler of the 'Abel Tavern Tales'


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