Bout what Lothe remembers :P Oh yeah and the rest too
May 2001

erm i havent been reading this board so no clue where all this came from.

oh ya ... to the point.

I dont know about today, but it does not matter what deoch in the past you arrived. Things were weird and strange and somewhat amazing. in the beginning of deoch 11 I was amazed by much. Hyb armor was not common. But there is always something to amaze the new ones. or there always was. I too hope everyone has unique and colorful experiences when they arrive here... and as much things change... one thing doesnt....

there will always be sparks awakening to this bright new world, who will be struck by our world. Not all of them... and maybe the ways change. I dont want to dwell on social decay because I believe((after more than a year here)) that arriving in this place is an experience. And any young aisling who arrives here will have memories unique and wonderful to them.

one day those who show up today will have memories to rival all of yours.
If they let themselves.



I remember...
May 2001

I remeber waking and finding a temple just built in mileth. I entered it in awe. Iwas a priestess back then and had found my place in glioca's temple. Along with Angelic, and Gwyneth.



I remember...
May 2001

((Back while I was Hanpow at doech 7.. I hunted in Astrid with Manip and we found a Holy Zeus and it was like... "WOAH!, THATS A HOLY ZEUS" ofcourse nodays Holy Zeus's are worth.. 4k or so.. And thats about it.. We like all had a big fight on it because I'm horribly greedy and I wanted it.. So it was like "Either you give that Zeus back to the group and we share it at the end or you lose 2 friends" (2 friends were Mani and another priest.. Budius I think, And I chose to give the Zeus back and be a good man!, I'm so proud of myself..

Woah.. Thats... one hell of a good memmory))

Forgot what I was trying to say.. Poop on me.



I remember...
May 2001

I remember envying all the high level peoples having all that kick ass armor and being able to hunt CR... I was soooo mad. I wanted to get up there too and show off and be a stuck up snob! And guess what? I'm finally on 98. *destorys the newbie scum* MWAHAHA! TAKE THAT! But really... I've had some good memories here in this wonderful land. But lately things seem to be going downhill. =/ I hope things don't get worse. *sigh* 50mil till 99. >< *blehs* I'm rambling! Weeeeee.... But anywho... I hope by the time I... *pose* MASTAH! Things will get better here in Ruc and all over Temuiar. *Yes I know I can't spell. =D*

Kokushibyou~Warrior of Blackdeath



I remember...
May 2001

Back in the good ol' days when guards didn't give a dam what you did (Deoch 7 was the best though ;p)



New and old...
May 2001

Yah know it's funny, im only from Deoch 17 spring ((i started late 16 summer, but thats beside the point)), well all these people keep getting higher than me, so i feel old.....It's weird really, i can't truely say i am, but now i truely know insight doesn't judge "oldness", it better not anyways. =0P

~Kily de' bachet
~Mileth Demagogue(1)

P.S. Am i old? 0.o or am i a "new oldbie"? I'm confused. >.<


I remember...
May 2001

Far to much...

I Remember when the Temples were "discovered" and they were the neatest thing ever....

I feel realy old now...

((What Happened to all the neato Quests we had back then? man... I miss all the pre Deoch 10 quests... they were good!))

Have a nice day?


I remember...
May 2001

one of the greatest times of my life. It was called Wolve's Bane.

My mentor named Genghis was the greatest warrior of the day in my opinion sporting his Kasmanium Armor to save the little children of Undine. Hesperos would offer great amounts of gold for wolf items because he believed that they and their allys captured his daughter, Kallope.

Hesperos then walked alone into Astrid and sacrificed himself in exchange for his daughter's life. Ever since then, I collected wolve's teeth until the day I tried to help someone gain a holy gaea (through the mileth altar when they were rare) by giving them all of my wolf teeth to sacrifice in the alter.

~Vamistlezellas ((memorys noted as Sath))


I remember...
May 2001

when the Piet Sewer was all clogged up. There was a poisoned corpse of a young boy on the third floor that had a mysterious barely legible note. I was so frail back then, that I didn't dare go deeper than the third floor, so i never got to fix the clog...
Anyone remember details about that quest?



I remember...
May 2001

On this bright and quite night I think back to when I was a young asiling.
I have many fond memories of all the struggles I had as well as others in thier chosen path. The brightness of each star reminds me of all the aislings I have lost, those who struggled next to me to fight back the darkness to keep the world bright for the others that would follow in my path.

In speaking with some very young ailsing who clamour for the Loures signet ring they do not even know how come there is a ring and the quest that brought it about. How we searched for the items the kings men requested from us beofre they would bestow the ring.

All have forgotten the sick child of loures. I helped in her recovery as many others did. Please dont forget about her on going illness.

There is much history being lost. It is not spoken of by those who have the knowledge of the early struggles. Please keep this in mind when a young aisling asks about these things. There is more to it then they know.

Love all my fellow aislings
Heather Rua Binn


I remember...
May 2001

(( A lot of things. I can personally recount the first several times my little warrior died. =P I can remember before Cthonic Realms and Loures Aite (*gasp!*). I remember my first hunt. I remember one night when I felt invincible hunting.

I remember when guards *really* cared and tried to help. I remember finally getting to eleventh insight...and then to 31st, when I could hold the golden shield...because even then I remembered when I first entered the world of Temuair, when I saw people with huge golden (i.e., bronze) shields and thought these must be the demi-gods of the game world.

I remember looking with awe upon the high-insight people, especially Tellah, the first person with Hy-Brasyl armor I'd ever seen. I remember the first time I entered 14-1 woods at insight 26. I came upon an absolutely epic battle between about ten aislings and a huge group goblins (or at least, it looked like). I remember then how Tellah walked in and calmly destroyed each one in just a few swipes of his gargantuan sword.

I especially remember when Dark Belts didn't exist, and when the name Hy-Brasyl was spoken only in hushed whispers. I remember when Holy Geaes and Dianas and such first appeared, and seeing the only two people to posses them at the time, and being amazed by the new toys.

I remember when the people who could enter the Kasmanium Mines were nearly godlike, and I remember staring with wonder at every new armor and person I saw. It was a wonderful time, and I would like to see the same awe in the eyes of every young



I remember...
May 2001

...having a discussion with Zillah about society being like the liver of a human being

...Zervus and Iris wrestling naked, and Zevus having his Soup Elemental Merf balance five aislings

...Unseelie Court taking the stage at the second Mileth Fair, courtesy of Morrigan's money, and Lothe being under the influence of Bob, Servant of Chadul, with Morrigan as talk show hostess and ShadowServer as his ditzy girlfriend - for a full 45 minutes improvised... I remember not knowing what to focus on: motley chat or the stage...I also remember we could not record words then *sighs*....

...changing my hairdo from the wild mop, that made me "cute", to the one with the long tail in back, and on that day being kissed by Arne for the first time

... meeting Niamhe for the first time, I miss her.

... meeting ShadowServer and her asking me to be there while she proposed to Lothe. I remember their wedding, where some other wedders were rushed, and the bride started to bash Shadow and she bashed back. I miss her, too.

... getting introduced to Angelic, Dartanian, Evalyn. I rember Pashura being ticked off at me, cause I had become full priest without knowing the details *grins*, boy was I scaaared...

... the hunting for the Blue Elle to marry in, and all those who helped me, Brennen and Roon to mention just a few.... I remember hazing Brennen, singing Ayaseen, while she danced naked in front of the board.

...dancing in two pairs, Sybil and Yobguad, Faeron and me, while the scots bard Marlowe sang.

...when Zeforn became UC and the initiation of the fountain of Mileth, George into UC.

... I remember hazing Daravon to convert someone to his faith while wearing his undies only... and he managed well. Of course he never became UC, he left for personal reasons...

....singing Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy like the Andrews Sisters with Aleshia, Twila and me in hairbands surprise birthday party this year and all those who came and how we had a good workout

Are you surprised now that I collect the sparks and have a journal for them? Temuair can be very good, when it is good.

*cherisher of memories*


I remember... (might as well)
May 2001

- when I asked a few forgotten Aislings politely how to earn money, and was swept away like a thief and beggar. That was my first ever conversation.

- when Lutz (a forgotten priest) and I went to the third level of the crypt and were slaughtered. I also remember when two priestesses (whose names evade my fragile memory) came in and saved us in the nick of time.

- when Brim went to the fourth level of the crypt and I was overly impressed.. until I found out how incredibly powerful the Ruby Rings that his mentor had given him were (I didn't have a mentor, hence no rings). We then went on to destroy whatever beasts we could find on the fifth level with Max's aid. This was the first time I discovered what gems were good for, when Max identified one for me and I earned a bundle (about a thousand coins, I think).

- when Tellah and I, after Brim had become tired of hunting with me, ruled the crypt, or so we thought.

- when Pravat opened and I openly argued with Angelic her decision to not aid the Grimlok, being overly disappointed with her choice. Then, a deoch later, coming crawling on me knees to her, begging for forgiveness. I joined the Tuatha de Deo only few days later.

- when I saw my first Draco Hatchling, which killed almost everyone around me. Then Faeron walked up to it, donning nothing but a shirt, and killed it without breaking a sweat. I had chosen who would be my idol on that day.

- when I traded a Lorica for a Noble Kasmanium Armor and was drooled over by peasants in Mileth.

- when Zemial reached insight 41 and I was drooling all over his Mantle. I then promptly harrassed him into hunting with me until I got to 41. We weren't capable of this, but some other priest gave me a display of beag naomh aite and I felt like a god, ruling Woodlands 10-1.

- when I won Folk for my very first entry and truly believed that I could keep a 100% winning streak - gaining Aisling in every field. I won my first Aisling award in deoch 19 - eleven years later. To this day, I have only won any award in three categories.

- when I came back, after a 3-deoch break, to find that the only one I knew who was still in Temuair was Angelic. She then convinced me to stay and soon most everyone else popped up out of nowhere.

- when I first realised that 50% of the Temuairan population had reached the ultimate insight in my absence, and that it was now commonplace to reach that insight in less than a year. I saw three warriors wearing Hy-brasyl Plates that day and I knew our original purpose had been lost.

- when Ashin, Angelic, Bentic and I went into the Abel Crypt - Ashin and myself using Dark equipment - and slew almost everything there, to the amazement of Angelic and Bentic who were several insights ahead. When a dwarf paralyzed and pounded me in my foolish attempt to save us from an ambush, however, Angelic proved that Dark equipment was not necessary, when she valiantly saved my life.

... and a lot of other stuff.. but I'm out of room.

- Sungam Chad


I remember...
May 2001


Decoh 10 isn't that old, but it's older then alot.

- Hunting before mor fas nadur with beag srad, and srad. My srad was maxed by like 20.

- Hitting 98 for the first time and paying 3m for enchanted boots which where really rare.

- Deo hunting 17 woods with Danterinium in Deoch 11.

- Thinking that the Signet Quest was stupid because it gave little exp.

- Old academie arcanus.

- Uhh... Yakuza.

- Hunting like 5 man cr 10 with Laizin, that was l33t.

That's it.




I remember...
May 2001

...The First time I saw Napie.
...When Mystic Gowns were only Blue.
...When geting a Elle was the neatest thing.
...geting my own Elle.
...When Pashura was the first person to get a Bansagart (97th Priest Armor).
...When no one knew where Pravet Caves were.
...When no one knew where Astrid was.
...Why I left Mileth.
...The First time I saw a Dolham on Cliona, and how I feel in love with it.
...When things were better.
...When things were Worst.
...When some one could not Ascend becuse no one could.
...I remeber the First 5th Circal person ((That'd be 99 ;p)) I think her name was BlackStone.
...when BioMagus was little and was Praticing Assail.
...when I was little.
...the First time I met Angelic and Valis.
...Telling my self I'd be as good as them one day.
...When the temples were discovered.
...When I was in my first Guild, Tautha De Deo ((spelling? ^^;;))
...When I met Swanberg, and Joined the Unseelies Court.
...The First time I went to Able Crypt.
...The First time I went to Undine Feilds.
...When I finaly got my Dolham, how Happy I was.
...the Heart and Moon Quest.
...the Peit Swears Quest.
...the First Mileth Fair.
...the Second Mileth Fair.
...BOB! the Seceraty of Chadul!
...When I worshiped Glioca.
...when I forsoke Glioca and Almost became a Sriogs Worshiper...
...When I found Deoch's Light.

I Remeber making Friends... and losing them...
I Remeber telling Napie I love her for the first time.
I Remeber Her telling me that back.

I feel Old now...
I also feel like a Sheep



I remember...
May 2001

nothing because the only thing that happened in my time was me beating gen to 99 >.< please people make something memorable happen!

wait.. i remember one thing... yes i remember when i learned the (the late) balitongue was my mother! the conversation went like this:

me: sup bali?
bali: yo momma
me: MOM!

-Shiroto the Priest
mi spik singlish got ani moni plz i di in crypt plz


I remember...
May 2001

I remeber my mentor Zillah. She use to beat me! How can I forget her?!

I remeber fighting with Xilan for hours in front of Mileth entrance. I miss you Xilan!!

I remeber when I use to hunt day and night to get Garland to notice me.

I remeber hunting with Koar, Emerelda and Ryuken in the crypt. We discovered our first Scorpion there ;p

I remeber Koar always dieing on me. ;(

I remeber my first student, Druint, miss the lil guy. ;( I also remeber Ginger killing him in front of me! ;p

I remeber when my brother Buggie and MaX did the summons in east woods.

I remeber when Raeven and Shana removed me from office my first time. ;p

I remeber when Samael became king! ;p

I remeber lots of stuff, but the above is what I remeber must.

Let's not forget when Garland was stuck in dream world. ;p


AND DON'T FORGET NADIA! She was my buddie ;)

Deoch 7 monk

' Memories are the only fun part of this land now '


I remember...
May 2001

Back in Deoch 11, not having the slightest clue where I was or what I was doing...
Trying to figure out why I died nearly instantly about 15 seconds after I walked into Mehadi...
Hooking up for my first hunt 8 Deoch's ago with a cocky little mage named Shalena **wink**...
A rogue named Xandrah showing me around, and introducing me to what would become one of my best friends in the realm, Callinthos...
The sense of discomfort and unsteadiness the first time I was introduced to another now close friend, Aleshia, who seemed to be friends with the entire realm at the time...
Dying for the first time and feeling my heart sink into my stomach as I awoke in Sgrios realm....
The ultimate rush of finding my very first dark belt...
Wondering how anyone ever actually made it all the way to the 99th insight...
And lastly, I remember the profound sadness I felt when I left the realms for the second time, and thought that I would never return....and the ultimate joy of my return:)

Kasmanan D'arth


I remember...
May 2001

Achieving 99 with Samael in 19-2 woodlands.

Going on "14-1 suicide hunts" in Deoch 5.

Hunting in the Kasmanium mines with Samael while others would not dare.

Discovering the first Diana, Apollo, pair of Enchanted Boots, and Hy-brasyl Bracer with Samael and Fafhniel in the depths of Kasmanium.

Strutting around in Gold while others wore ragged Jupes or Loricas.

Waiting outside Pravat for hours waiting for the chance to slay a few Grimlok with Lockindal.

Attempting to murder Paladine in 14-1 Woodlands. So close.

Being a member of the first group to reach 31 Mileth with Samael and Twila.

Being a member of the first group to reach 30 Cthonic with Max.

Being astounded with Samael and Claver when we first wielded a Gladius while wearing more than a Jupe.

Suffering the one-day purple hair epidemic.

Shocked to find my bank completely empty after a rather harsh discussion with Damiel.

Defending Succubi with Samael and Ginger outside Pravat, killing many Aislings in the process. :)

Coming upon the first ever Dark Belt while killing Dubhaimid outside the Gramail Temple .. then foolishly selling it to Lock for 1mil because I thought it was worthless.

Listening to Emerelda rant and rave about how she killed a Draco by herself and found a "Trident Orb" in its deathpile. Of course, the object was stolen by a peasant immediately after it dropped!

Encountering a rare type of Orc on 27 Kasmanium with Samael, that when attacking, turned into a large blue square. :(

Being begged endlessly by Xilan to let him come along for hunts and show off his Ard Sal.

Going on tremendous Succubus rampages with Max, Sgrlos, and Liono.


...just a few of my memories. ;p



I remember...
May 2001

When i learned my first spell beag athar.... I loved it so much i spent hours in the crypt hunting down spiders

Then i remember when i became part of sgios faith.... back in the day when summons kicked ass (monks and rogues would summon in crypt and then hide and watch as aislings died :) )

I also remember becoming a guard for the first time... i was great i must have banned so many mileth newbies HEHEHE

Oh and when i was part of lord de niara or something like that... Thats where i met most of my friends :)

Oh yes and my first love you turned out to be a physco -_-

then my second love left me for my best friend -_-

Ahh and becoming acadamie arcanus council just before it started to die :(


And My Best memory of all is meeting and falling in love with my wife, Graci
I love you hun :)



re: Saotome...
May 2001

Saoooo~! *sniffles*

When are you going to remember those walks on Abel beach? It seems you're naming off all the other women you know before you get to me.

Maybe you forgot? well bah!

*grumbles then smiles*


Silly boy!


P.S. Got Genki? *giggles*


My Memories...
May 2001

-My first day as an Aisling nearly 17 deochs ago.. Meeting the first other aisling I had ever seen, Vrae, a priestess, who introduced me to my guide, Kniven. Both i have not seen in ages.

-Hunting alone in the crypt, fighting rats and pedes thinking they were huge monsters.

-Walking down into the 3rd level of the crypt and seeing a bat for the first time, smelling smoke, and then seeing a flame shoot up from the ground, and awakening to meet sgrios's servant for the first time.

-learning the importance and advantage of hunting in a group of friends, and at the same time meeting the love of my life, my wife Angelic.

-seeing Angelics eyes light up when I gave her a rose bouquet and asked her to marry me.

-spending a few deochs fearing to even go into the 3rd depths of the woods and the crypt alone, because back then, monsters didnt know the meaning of "beag"

-what its like to hunt with my wife, at the time a warrior, and then rest between defeating each creature.

-When you could walk from mileth to suomi and be lucky to see another aisling.

-the fateful day when, at 29th insight, my wife became a priestess.

-joining glioca's fellowship shortly after the "shrine" was constructed, and seeming to be one of the few people that stayed when all the other gods shrines were built.

-founding the Tuatha de Deo

-realizing that a dirk is a better weapon than an eppe relative to the creatures I was combatting.

-holding one of my all time favorite weapons, the Bramble, for the first time

-Being one of the first Milethan respected Citizens, Guards, Demagogues, and Guard Captains... Maybe i should go for judge and Burgess one of these days. ;)

-The day Aislings began moving to live in Rucesion.

-The day of the first Mileth Fair, seeing all the aislings wandering wide eyed around the newly constructed fairgrounds.

-Teaching my first class.

-Realizing that having 1 million gold coins was actually possible.

-((the 8D client! i just remembered that.. wasnt it fun having only one set of clothes and boots and being able to attack a monster from a certain angle and it would not be able to hurt you!))

-Wearing my noble chainmail for the first time and falling in love with it just because it was sooo shiny. :)

-Having sooo many different friends that have come and gone over the deochs.

-theres more, but im sure people are getting tired of reading this its so long. :)

~Bentic Stedwinn~
Tuatha de Deo


I remember:
May 2001

I remember being a nice little aisling in deoch 9.

I remember becoming a little ass in deoch 9.

I remember verbally bashing people with oui and sanguis.

I remember being a walking god ((pretty much)) for a long time. ;p

I remember being politically invulnerable. (still am)

I remember making fun of neurosis.

I remember ghost stealing neurosis's axe.

I remember Imaringer tripping out in ew.

I remember becoming a bigger ass.

I remember making fun of damiel.

I remember bumping into chadul on 30 cr.

I remember 'Newtype is scratched from the league'

I remember 'Victorious is scratched from the league'

I remember removing allot of people from office.

I remember.. Allot more stupid crap that I do not feel like posting.




I remember:
May 2001

WOW.. kind hard thing to list...

The persons:
I remember...
Dea, who took me as a peasant and made me a warrior.
Rookerin, my first mentor and briliant mind. ((and made me belive that DA was the right game to RPing))
Xilan, who taught me about how judge other actions and think before act, and he become my 2nd mentor after Rook depart.
Lethalia, a nice and respectful.
Hollie, the most mental sick person I ever meet in my life.
Kob, a great lil rogue who lost his path and meet the chaos.
fyrebugg, my first hunting partner at insights 4th to 11th.
Kamyra, my wife who desapeared but will allways keep her in my heart.
Sorsha, my greates and best female hunter partner, The Queen.
I remember many many others, but those who I listed with sure I will never forget.

The Feelings:
I remember...
How was wonderfull see for the first time warrior Stranex walking in a Hy-brasyl armor.
How was scarefull Astrid get invade by Sucs and Servitors at Deoch 7 Eulogy.
How the vanities and the lies cheers in the temuair politics.
How sad and desapointed I got when I was removed from office by the mundanes.
How great and happy was when I founded the Warrioth Clann.
How was sad lost a great and true friend like Zerrin.
And how was deep and sad each moment that some friends told me they would be leaving for good Temuair during my way here.
Ahh! How is great become Master. (just did! :P)

The Society:
I remember...
When the heresy was a crime.
When the mundanes used to interact intensely with the society.
When the aislings organized events and joined to make quests.
When I had many things to discover and what would come on next insight could be great.

Aww... Im starting to remember about many things... man.. such thread is great but Im quite sure many here will have no words and that papper will not be suficient...

I remember when I could dream....

Warrioth Clann
Tighearn Master


I loved...
May 2001

Those long days and nights hunting in Mileth Crypt and Astrid alone, just to prove to myself I could do it, and when I was surrounded by friends who talked and talked for hours.

When I truely thought I was part of Temuair.

Where did I go wrong?



Y'know... I'll never forget...
May 2001
when I first saw Carnun plate, back in deoch 16. *laughs* I nearly fainted at the sight of the gargantuan demi-god warriors and their spikish blue armour....

It was at that point that my first mentor taught me the term "Smurfitaur". *alughs* and it's stuck with me ever since. *grin*

Sarah Meclean


I remember more now!
May 2001

I remember the first time I set foot on this land. ((It was right after my main character Shakaku got sgathed by Whiteninja. -_- And Starza almost did too! ;_;))

I remember when I had some REALLY funky ugly hair.

I remember making insight 11 and dancing around in my new sexy armor.

I remember hunting with Freyga and getting lots of insights in the Mileth Crypt!

I remember the first time I went into CR. That was a good hunt actually.

I remember the first time I entered Undine Field... And then I tried to solo a Champ and got my ass kicked.

I remember soloing UF for the first time. And Soloing a Champ and beating it =D

I remember soloing CR 10 for the first time to help some peoples get a few fast insights.

I remember one UF hunt when JustineSR left our group and said Starza left her once... Even though she didn't.. To go with ANOTHER group to UF because she wasn't getting enough experience. Greedy subbers...

I remember doing the Pent Quest for the 2nd time and getting killed.

I remember hunting with Raekwan ((sp?)) And him not blinding anything cause he wanted to save mana. O_o;;

I remember FINALLY getting my Pent armor and going around shouting "LOBSTER POWER!!!"

I remember going to CR and anchoring Stormbow just to have him to call me and my group asses.

I remember getting Guard in Ruc.

I remember LEAVING Ruc and joining Mileth.

I remember Stormbow banishing me for no reason. Then leaving Mileth and coming back to Ruc.

I remember Stormbow then banishing my good friend Thalakos for nothing. Then getting bared from office =D I'm glad I reported that to another GC...

I remember when I finally hit 97. Then 98 and making my armor. =D

I remember the Valkyries and all the friends I had there. Then having some selfish jerk shoot her mouth off and break us all apart....

I remember when Tesal whispered me for the last time saying "Well you know.. I didn't like you at first... But... Your ok." That made me happy.

I remember joining Unseelie Court. Weeeeeeee fun fun!

I remember forsaking Cail. *cackle*
That's bout all I remember now. O_o v Have fun reading!

Kokushibyou~Warrior of BlackDeath


I remember...
May 2001

...Being sgathed for the very first time, By MaX in deoch 6.
...Killing Iamringer in a hunting group because she wasn't too bright.
...Losing my virginity to Samael. ................(yes :( )
...When my sister was the first person to announce Guardian a Heretic!
...Being warned by many guards for murder. "Warning one for murder."
...How Marrie and I would crash Cail mass.
...The day I met Drakha ;)
...The day I got him to hate kyann so I could marry drakha.
...((The day the tart left DA for EQ. Right after I gave him a dark belt.
...Getting wed to random newbies in mileth church.
...The day I got my 97th armor. :) ((I threw up shortly later that evening
though. I have the feeling it had something to do with looking at it.))
...All the countless times I teased Damiel.
...All the countless times I got in trouble shortly after I teased Damiel.
...When Yakuza was made.
...Fighting obsessively with Werian over the stupidest things.
...Making love to Werian. ((Soon to be featured on Temuair Topless I bet!))
...((When Nexon was hacked into and everyone was told that to be safe, they
had to change their credit card numbers. But hey, we got an extra
month! That makes up for everything! right? right? right? right!?!?!))
...The day I began to use humor as a defense when I'm uncomfortable.
...Going on a hunting trip with Raeven, Scout and some other people in 3-2.
Scout, Raeven, and the other people dying. Except for me. (Ironic.)

uh. mooshy mooshy.



I remember...
May 2001

What am I talking about? I'm too young.



I remember...
May 2001

When I was first born an Aisling, back in Deoch 13th. (Not to old :P)

Hunting alone, using assail, wonder what the heck "Needle Trap" was.

Attempting to Meelee a bat with Rembrant, Miaga, and some other little person.

My best friends, and our old hunting group.

My 27 scars that Rembrant and Omner healed.

Being yelled at by Vendes and Torent for banishing a Yakuza member.

My first love, Miaga.

The wolf that ate my first love. Oh yea, hey jackass I got a maiden for ya =/

My second love, one of the first power-hunters. (She was 99 in one Deoch!)

When Tandar was the first master, and I felt proud to be in his class.

My third love, and taking her from Starlancer.

My third love being taken back by Starlancer.

Secretly cursing at Starlancer.

Losing my mind.

Becoming a Guard Captin, ((Then, fightme hacked me, renounced, costed me about 100 clout,)) then being Sgathed by WhiteNinja.

That odd peasant that was in the Sgath pit shortly after WhiteNinja was removed/exiled.. I belive his name was.. "WhiteCum"?

Writing "Loxum's Day"

Changing the spelling of "Loxum" to "Luxom".

Thinking someone loved me, but realizing I was way off.

Uhm.. Hmm, something else I remember.

Even for a Deoch 13er, I still have a lot of memories.

-Fasnious Nadyur
-That Almost Master Rogue


I remember...
May 2001

When Ginger TRIED to cyber me in the Mileth Inn, and I shot her down miserably. Thats about it.



I remember...((ooc I suppose))
May 2001

Back in Deoch 6 or 7 - my first character, Semis, is long gone, so I can not get the exact date - when I was guided by Seth and his friend Lainnir, both of whom are also departed long ago.

When my new peasant was banished for having a heretical name before she even got out of the tutorial. No warning, just *poof* Realm of Filth. Why do peasants like BrokenVolvo and HorneyToad thrive today? Mileth Guards used to do their job.

My first character that would last (until I lost the account), Levinia. (Yes, to all of you who thought I left - I am still alive and kicking!) I remember meeting Krackin, and his brother Kob, before he was so intent on trying to be bad.

I remember meeting Koar, before fas nadur, when many Aislings refused to hunt in the same group as a wizard. That was the beginning of a beautiful friendship.

Astrid hunting with Lyo, Harmonie (before she started hating me :( ), Dominique, and Neuromancer. Before Loures Aite, I made do with a Zeus and Beag Aite. To all the priests out there that insist their group get Loures Aite - It is not that hard. When I got regular Aite and a Kronos, we were invulnerable.

When Levinia, who was so peaceful that she would face away from the melee in a hunt because she did not want to see the goblins die, learned the mighty deo saighead. It caused a profound character change resulting in her demanding her friend excommunicate her from Glioca's Fellowship (back when it did not require faith and assistants.) Eventually she ended up with Sgrios - lots of fun.

Being vulnerable and having pramh and deo wars with Ginger. I won... uh... once ;) Being repeatedly stabbed by Oui. Zapping him back with deo.

Back when Sgrios summons were dangerous, and everyone did not have a 99er on their account to come in and kill the Succubi. Aiding my husband Kob's summons. I was back in the Glioca Fellowship by then, so I had to call it "showing compassion to the Dubhaimid." Being put on trial for accessory to murder, and hanging under the threat of a Sgathing (which I, in part, wanted). But due to the glorious incompetance of the Mileth legal system, getting off with a letter of appology from the first term judge.

Koar helping Lahretia on the path of wizardry. The many research mishaps. Discovering fas nadur together (back when there was only one version, and it lasted for only 20 seconds). The two of us, all in black, being called "Goth." Our illegitimate daughter AnMagda :) (He never knew what I really meant when I said "Koar, could you help me with labor?") Then being married in our "Goth" clothing because we look terrible in white ;)

I remember impulsively leaving it all behind after being the target of one moment of supreme anger.

Much more which I do not have the room to mention *waves to KnightFlynn and Salena* Love you both!

-Anae Magda
-played by Semis



((I remember)) ((as Brettone))
May 2001

I remember first coming into this world looking for a mentor
I remember getting a mentor named kangta
I remember dying in deep astrid with my tux and Drktempler going and getting my dpile for me.
I remember seeing tellah in hyb armor and saying to myself I want to be like that.:P
I remember when I first saw a tux and only rich people had them and then kangta bought me one.
I remember the day kangta left and said he needs to get back to the real world.
I remember when I was in love with Mynx
I remember when I was in love with Kyann
I remember when I was in love with Zahirah ((still am))
I remember when I left da to play diablo 2
I remember coming back and then shortly after tandar mastered
I remember Feldwin being first warrior master and Vicktor being second
I remember getting 80 with vicktor in east woods
I remember buying a diana for 5 mill when they were rare and there was no cr
I remember Vicktor getting deleted tehn soon after all his other characters folled his footsteps.
I remember Mastering the 7th ever master warrior:)
I remember getting exiled from mileth then moved to ruc and got exiled from there
I remember wanting to be in yakuza but never got in then finally got in sior:P
I remember getting into dynasty
I remember alot more but tired of typing



Re: Remember (())
May 2001

Wow Man,

I seriously wish I would have Found about about DA before I had. =(
It sounds like I missed soooo many Nice Things.
Oh Well, Maybe someday I'll be able to make an "I Remember" Post =)

Waylin Yutani
Paladin of Gramail
Servent of Rucesion

Holy Knight Forever
Strenght and Honor


I remember ((as Samael))
May 2001

I remember, as Samael:
*) Being the first male 99 priest.
*) Having the first 80th priest armor.
*) Having the first great dalmatica (99 priest armor)
*) Being the first aisling to 29 Kas.
*) Being the first uncloaked to 31 Mileth.
*) Getting to 99 with Tellah, one of my best friends in DA, in 19-2 EW.
*) Taking over mileth with Samhal (Drakha)
*) Being the first Arena host (Shinen)
*) Being the first 99 Subpath (Asmodeon)
*) Getting swinky really p1ssed off, hehe ;)
*) Being the first 3 man group to take a draco (Samael, Tellah, Dijall)
*) Being the first Ceannlaidir priest.
*) Holding the first Ceanlaidir mass.
*) Having someone win an award by writing about me. (Pravat Priest in History)
*) Healing 3 succubuses in Pravat, then telling Xilan to blow me when he tried to exile me.
*) Leeching Xilan to 99.
*) Slapping Xilan and Lethalia ;(
*) Finding the first Holy Apollo, Magus Diana, Enchanted Boots, Holy Diana - .etc .etc
*) Rocking Kas with Fafhniel
*) Chilling with my friends Swinky, Tellah and my best student - Samhal.



I remember...
May 2001

I Remember when you could speak your mind

I Remember when you could walk around and Not listen to everyone Brag.

I Remember when There were very Few Heretics and The Land was Pure.

I Remember when you would actually have to fight your ass off For Insights.

I Remember when Sgrios Creatures Invaded The Land During The Deoch 7 Eulogy.

I Remember having The Best Mentor a Warrior Could ever Have (Elis)

I Remember When SquireFlynn was Exiled by The Mundanes

I Remember when my Son Zilion was Alive

I remember When My Wife Levinia was still here

I Remember when Manipulator Broke The Peace Scriptures Between The Holy Knights and The Warrioth Clan.

I Remember everyone asking me to Buy My Hy-Brasyl Axe. (NOT FOR SALE!)

Im Guessing This is The Bored postings, so I added my Bordem.

Flynn Brandford
Future Judge of Rucession
High Lord of Thy Holy Knights
Mourning Husband of Levinia...
Holy Knights Forever..


I remember...
May 2001

I remember when i first woke up in deoch 5

I remember when i was finally made a priest by Lethalia

I remember my first hunts in Mileth crypt with Chaosknight and Kalimus who was Drakkarim's first student ;p

I remember collecting a nice pair of pearl earrings from Mileth crypt 3-1

I remember when Ardok initiated me as Ceannlaidir priest when i was 7th insight

I remember my first death in 3-1 woods by a wolf that ate me alive...

I remember my mentor, Totem who teached me to become a good priest.

I remember Rookerin who convinced me to join Anaman Pact

I remember healing Succubus in EW while it was killing aislings and i did it because they were the children of Chadul.

I remember Pravat war. And Nero, the champion of Ceannlaidir who made us possible to use the calling stone

I remember many things that i will never forget



I remember...((as dasar))
May 2001

-The day i was born - Deoch 9
-When Kogashuko gave me oath and made me a rogue.
-When i was initiated into Cail's fellowship.
-When i did the heart quest for the first time
-When i fooled around and got engaged.
-Later i was broken up.
-When i became a Mileth guard.
-When i cured the sick child.
-When a realized there was little to do that would change things so i left for Rucesion.
-When i got married to another aisling.
-When Kogashuko became a guard.
-When i got divorced.
-When i sat in pravat for hours talking to old friends. (only mentioned once but hapen mre often than i care to mention.)
-When Kogashuko left Temuair, woke up everynow and then but it was rare.
-My first Dark Belt.
-When i was bored so i decided to help a wizard get what they need for their Talgonite armor. (it stands out because i was REALLY bored)
-The Redemptions
-((when i left then returned, but most of my old friend where gone.))



I remember...
May 2001

((receiving the e'mail saying I was accepted as a DA beta tester))
((the daily e'mail's from Dave))
Receiving my spark in the second deoch.
Aeife was the first aisling I saw, and I knew I wanted to be like her.
My brother, Kedian, taking me to meet Cinaed so he could initiate me into the monk hood. Then my dieing three times in the temple choosing.
Hunting my way to the 11th insight ((which at that time was an accomplishment)) with DeQuink in the Mileth crypts.
Running off in the middle of the night to join Kniven in Fae love. ((weddings weren't available then))
Becoming council for the Runic Terra Society.
Receiving the second hairband in Temuair, a gift from a very proud Kniven, ((one million gold was a great deal of money during beta)) only to realize it created baldness when I hit. Everyone in the land had to come and see it. The laughs it got were worth more than all the gold in Temuair.
Kniven telling me he was leaving Temuair forever. Then my going to the lovers' glade with Gwyneth to dissolve our union.
The introduction of Religion into Temuair.
The first Sgrios summoning and the priestess who summoned it, my dear friend Arista.
The excitement I felt when I realized female monks were getting new armor. Working very hard to become respected so that I could tailor it, being the first to obtain it, the disappointment I felt when I finally saw it. This armor, by the way, was the moonbodice.
Becoming the first female guard in Temuair, and later the second or third GC in the land, alongside Nero. ((Hey, can't remember everything perfectly, it's been awhile *grins*))
The fear many felt when we realized our land would soon be filled with newcomers ((going commercial))
Being the highest insight aisling in the land. ((Yeah, hard to believe))
Initiating monks in groups. Not realizing that one of those monks would soon become my life mate.
Moving to Rucesion
Marrying Drakkarim
The purple hair plague, and the subsequent baldness if you attempted to dye your hair.
Being the first female monk to make her lightning garb and pattern walker armor.
Watching aislings reach 99 in a doublemoon, and wondering, why do I even care anymore?
That is just a very few of my memories here in Temuair.

Twila Ta'Null


I remember...
May 2001

I remember when power-hunters were rare,
I remember when sgrios summons were a scare.(still are =0P)
I remember when life was a lot more fun,
I remember when hunting got things done.
I remember when greed possesed few,
I remember when things were easier to do.
I remember when my friends were taken away,
by the mundanes or so they say.

I remember when there was rarely a bragger,
I remember when sgrios took my sisters curved dagger.(=0P)
I remember when hatred ceased to exist,
I remember when it was word over fist.
I remember when love found my heart,
it was quite an experience, on my part.
I remember a lot, though few know my sorrow,
If today was bad, then what good is tomorrow?

~Kily de' bachet


I remember...
May 2001

((I used to have a rogue named Giovani and he was like the crappiest rogue ever I swear he didnt get Spring Trap till like insight 45 then he got Maiden at 49 and his wife Inca was like insight 11 when they met and then she got to 99 in like 1 month so he really was horrible and then when he made demagogue he got removed on the first day of office...Thats all I remember oh yeah he also had like 80 scars a Little less then GreatZack he had like over 100 ok thats all))



I remember...
May 2001

Ummmm... errrr, I FORGET O.o



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