Littering in DA
May 2000

You can tell littering is a huge problem in Darkages just by listening to the things my family says when they watch me play over my shoulder.

Mom - "Pick that up! It's good stuff!"
Me, on Cliona - "Ma, it's a fior creag!!!! It doesn't do anything!"
Mom - "What's that?! Pick it up!!"
Me, on Cliona - "Ma, it's a Goblin skull! It doesn't do anything!"

My sister - "God, look at all that crap. All you people do is throw stuff on the ground."

(This is a personal favorite, unrelated to littering, by my sister, who kept on walking into my room on a "Mass Day", Sunday, where we had both Glioca and Cail.) "God, you people pray more than <her extremely pious Catholic boyfriend> does!"

hee hee...



Re: Warriors UNITE!!!
June 2000





>From: Dartanian Lestor
> Like to hear that same enthusiasm when ye can't hear a thing except for the
> clang of armour and that rogue sneaks up behind you dexterously with a knife
> to your throat. Armour won't protect you from that, lad. And then all that
> clunky armour makes it hard to move away...<grins>
> -Dartanian Lestor
> >Manipulator wrote:
> >
> > *feeling a minoritie*
> >
> > Arrrrghhh!! A Bunch of mages around me in that list....
> >
> > Warriors UNITE!!!
> >
> > Warrior is a bit boring about skill and sercrets I agree... all of
> them
> > are very simple... and a warrior at insight 60th already learned ALL
> > possibles skills and secrets..
> > Otherwise...
> > We have a bunch of cool equipament and armors, and we can use all of
> > them with ours great strengh!!!
> >
> > Crrrryyyyy weak mages!!!!!
> >
> > *hits the shield 3 times with his sword*
> > *warriors laughs*
> >
> > Bye,
> > *desapear inside the Chtonic fogs*
> >
> > _ManipuLator_


The Top 10 Reasons why...
June 2000

... Having an Alternate-Character Level 57 Maiden Trap Rogue When Your Highest Character Is A Deoch 1 74th Insight Priestess Is The Best Thing Ever:

10. "You're only 74?!"

9. "will u heal my scars?"

8. "gg"

7. "aite plz"

6. "We'll hunt in 18."

5. Hide. Knowing that a faerie in 19 is worth 47k -without- having killed it. (Personally I could live with never killing a faerie.) Also, knowing what the Cthonic Realm looks like, at the 57th insight.

4. Not necessarily being killed, but being able to make people mad enough to kill you with your mad thief action, thereby saving a Cail mass from Utter Sgrios Hell (TM).

3. In the woods, no one needs anything from a rogue. Maybe a blind snare, but you're too surly and busy with your own hobgoblins for them to ask. (Why is it different to not ask a rogue with hobgoblins than it is to ask a priestess with 3 red and poisioned dumbass warriors who don't know when to take the hint and leave the forest for two minutes?)

2. Have fourty-seven different kinds of skills and spells just to dick around with (and roleplay!!!!) so you don't have to hunt all the time. Smith a blade, repair a soori, polish a gem, style some hair...

1. Being able to solo.



Re: Alternative Curses for Roleplayers
June 2000 (more info here)

That was very good Dartanian. I am not so inspired today, too hot to think hard, but here are a couple.

Holy srad!
Hey, stop that cradh!

Looks like you stood to close to Deoch's flame.
Even Srgios wouldn't keep you.
Frankly Scarlet, I don't give a cradh. ((oops that's Gone with the Wind))



Re: The King's DogGhislain, sold dog of King Bruce
June 2000

Cliona wrote:

> I think we should all pool our money and give it to Etienne. He always
> misses his dog when he's away from the vineyards... I can't for the life of
> me ever remember it's name, though....

I agree. Charlotte is a wonderful pet, but she never goes out of the vineyards, the poor sweetie, so scared of the world. Mayhaps I spoiled her too much, mayhaps I was over-protective. My brother always said, "let her go, our youth needs to see reality outside!", but "no," I answered, "I shall not allow the only pure creature in the entire Temuair to be tainted by this unholy world." I was mistaken, I now know. Charlotte is unrecoverably attached to her little world - I think she never even saw the entire woods in the Northwest of the estate...

It would be lovely to have Ghislain accompany me around. And, considering it is also white, perhaps I can even have Charlotte meet it... 10,000 coins each puppy, for those interested. *winks*

Ah, dreams. Even with Fiosachd as my godfather, capitalism is unkind to me. Besides, I had my uniqueness for a long while, with that orange Mane of mine which nobody else had for a long time. May the rich rogue who wins the auction treat the little royal pet kindly.


Etienne Suarven Lorneau,
Caretaker of Charlotte De Lienn


The "I hate Heretics" Q&A
June 2000

A survival Guide:

Q:Are you Deoch?
A:Of course not! I'm Budius. Deoch is a god. But thanks anyway. You were close.

Q:Could u vote for me for RC?
A:RC? Hrmmm... you mean Round Cheese? (Thanks Eti)

Q:Whut lvl r u?
A:*yells* He is vomiting! Help, please!

A:Yes, I had a lot. I had one once and this one was amazing,... (Starts a looong story...)

Q:Are you Rucesion?
A:No, I'm Budius *calls the

Q:Are you Tuatha?
A:Yes. Aren't we all Tuatha? By the way, do you know my parents?

Q:547K tnl. You?
A:Yuck! 547 toenails? Bleargh.

Q:How much is your intelligence?
A:According to my mom, infinite! ((try other stats, it's fun!))

Q:r u rc?
A:*smirks* Sorry, I don't speak Goblins language.

Q:20K Goblins there. (After returning from a study creature)
A:20000 Goblins there? I'm out of here!!!!! *runs*

Q:Gimme money! I want money! *bashes you with that stick* (of course)
A:*bashes back* NO! NO! NO! NO! NO!

Q:Me Korea.
A:You Jane. Me Tarzan.

Q:(Add you heretic quote here)
A:Guard! Guard!!!! A heretic! Burn him! BURN!!!



Re: The "I hate Heretics" Q&A
May 2000

Well, I don't agree with are you Deoch...

We can ask someone if they're christian or jewish, but we just haven't
found proper adjectives for the gods names.

I usually try to use Luathan and Gliocan... but some of the others are a
little tougher.

Deochian? Deochish? Ceannlaidhirian? Sgriosan? Fiosachdish? Gramailian?
((sounds like grammar alien)), Cailist?

Well, maybe you guys have some good suggestions :)



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