ShadowServer was the Aisling that introduced me to Lothe and also to the Evil Hat (Priestess Vermillion), which made her into Darque Phoenix, the insanely evil and funny power of death that continued to haunt Mileth and Rucesion.

Actually, Kestrel met her first, she introduced her to me... They met outside Astrid where Shadow was treating someone bad, I believe. Well, Kestrel doesn't spend much time in Temuair and so she send Shadow to meet the Unseelies and me, cause she thought she would be a perfect Unseelie - which she was - and we became good friends.

That went so far that I was the person encouraging her when she proposed to Lothe after Glioca Mass in front of the whole temple (the girl always had guts, or no nerves, I am not sure) and joining as well as eventually marrying the two.

I have hardly ever seen an Aisling who was more attacked by Lagh and she still spent countless hours in Temuair, eventually even surpassing my records when life outside Temuair took its toll. She is no longer active in Temuair, but her particular unique Spark will always be missed by everyone who has known her better. And the Unseelies are luckier than most, they still can contact her via pidgeon.

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