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There are quite a few memories I have kept since I came into Temuair society (or to be more precise: since Estara came to DA fulltime, that was February 2000). By now my memories number around 4000, I would guess, not all of them ordered and some simply put into archives for later disposition.

One thing I always wanted to do with this site is to show off the unique people you can or could meet in Temuair and how they made the place their home and expressed themselves. This is a completely subjective collection of memories and impressions and only depends on my view of people: the only person that you should be annoyed at is me - none of the Aislings here has asked to be included and the list is by no means complete: that completely would take over my life outside work and I do have other priorities as well ;). I am starting chronologically, with the first sparks I met in Temuair.

To all those fascinatingly diverse and unique sparks, may you thrive wherever your road leads you. Thank you for all the pleasure, worries and new ideas I get from meeting you.

Estara/ Katja

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