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This page features ideas and thoughts, writings, art and quotes of players (called Aislings) that inhabit the Online Role-Playing world of Dark Ages, a tiny but (mostly ;P) friendly community with Anime-Look. Exept for some role-playing tips, hairstyles and the commented weblinks you will not find spell-, item- or skill lists here. There are lots of other sites doing that very well :).

I'd also like to announce a retirement of the site: Great content will rarely be added, when I find it, or people offer it to me, but I won't scrounge around anymore. The site itself will definitely remain in existence though :) and remain a treasury of creativity, with some helpful bits thrown in *grins*

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Hello, old friends and new Anime  Hem, by Elexi, for Aisling Spark

Nothing much new here, but there's another Aisling gracing the Dark Age Movies page now ~ applause for Shinn and the Great Peasan'ts Escape. Which reminded me to add the new/old Macho Monk Site flash intro to that archive ^^.

Keep on visiting me ;). 80.000 unique visitors can't be wrong ;P
Thanks for 250.000 pageviews!

Estara - Publisher of Aisling Spark

Wednesday, August 4, 2004 2:24

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