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My Index of Interesting Pages and other Resources

Things I have puttered around with quite a while seem to finally get into shape, so instead of jumping at you with all the Winamp Skins I have made so far for Aisling Spark (well, all that I want to share as of yet), I have now separated my goodie-download pages into two:
  • Aislings on the Net shows my editorial review of interesting websites, be they about Temuair or other things of interest to roleplaying and anime fans.
  • Library of Loures Artgallery Guide will give you an impression and a link to preview every single one of the artworks t hat have won mundane contests
  • Roleplaying 101 Advanced features the very sound essays on just that subject by Dartanian Lestor, consumate rogue and roleplayer
  • Aisling Spark FAQ and Contact Info for everyone who wants a bit more background info.
  • Visuals in Temuair explains why people and things in Dark Ages look like they do for everyone who has no idea what the words manga and anime are supposed to be
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