Fruits of Thought - by Dunlouch


Heart of Stone

My shagreens clicked the cobbles through
the path to Loures that lazy morn
to the castle my journey true.
Swept into the maze
did dream and dazed, I thought of my warrior
in blue.
Dim and dank the hallowed halls beckoned
me and the chamber called for the love
that I once knew.
The stone fell silent, cold upon the floor
beneath the boots I newly wore,
looking 'round sweat tapped the ground
and I found what my mind previewed.
The chest that held my beating heart stood
still with an airy chill then
all at once gave way
the heart this stone once knew.

Casting Cares

To Abel straights this dreary day
a fishing I did go,
stood in the sand
necklace in hand
casting my tale of woe.

Upon the waves unknown lands were sought,
to take this pain
my choice did gain,
and learn lessons I'd been taught.

Forgiveness leaves a bitter sting
with impressions of a golden ring,
that speaks of love that's true.
Alas, that warrior in blue.

Trickles of tears bring in the tide
reeling to me the love that I hide,
How will this secret abide?

My face, stained and laced
brings me to this peaceful place,
leading to cleansing disgrace.

Legs to stride, flounders in hand,
I held my head up high,
crossing the sand,
clearing the mind,
I know that I love,
since my illusions have died.

Unseeliest of All

Cloud Break

The glimmering sun breaks the
sleepy silence dancing with the darkness.
Pure and rich as the Hy-Brasyl night
sweeping into a sinewy light.

Billowing clouds entangle tenderly
bursting forth uniting her desire, blazing
sherbet caresses down lavender tresses.

Dazzled with passion intense and full,
unmundane beat the heart of an Aisling.
Nursing her dreams, twirling near streams.
The clouds break announcing the day
shining warm love on the polished rogue,
rolling across Deoch's they reluctantly
unfold her fate.

The silky hair along her neck stood
intuitively taut, revealing itself a deceptive plot.
Ill stars falls as the shrill of fear laced itself into
the innocent floating forms.

Chaotic blackness broken by daggers of white
shattered the cloak.
As it was in the Drowning of Hy-Brasyl,
so today was the shredding of her heart.
Maddening fear clutched her soul, dizzy with betrayal
skin milky and pale,
fleeing from her fear
to Rucesion her only friend.

Past the cobbled wall and sturdy halls,
she paused to catch her breath and as
she passed a glimpse
in the glass reflected her only real fear.
An Aisling heart claimed by Chadul, ripper of dreams.

Dunny Crysdel, Deoch 15

Bloody Infallibility

Tempered steel raptures da mystical realm.
His swinging blade slices
severing a Hobgoblin's helm.

Thar travels I
seeming ta sooth
da Sun shines, an' lends
drinking ta mood.

Da terrifying shadows
whisper a call...
Let da blood
bloods da's let.

I unsure, Ioc in hand
roaming and chanting Glioca ta land.
Suffering still piercing a shrill
da knarling wood
flooded wit blood.
Chadul's bellowing rings through da tears
clapping my ears.
Bending my knees...

I'd fight if I could...
*wept* I
in da puddle of blood
where a young warrior stood.

Louchia Di Devonshire



Temuair Poetry

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