Temuair Poetry - different tastes for different Aislings

This page will lead you to a wide variety of poetic writings in all kinds of styles. The only thing shared among them is that all of these poems - whether in character or out of character - have been created inside of Temuair and posted on the community boards. This Aisling spark is for readers with patience and interest in exploring the different moods and being entertained in the process. The selection was mine, dependent on my liking of the work and on the time I was in Temuair, so I would appreciate interested poets sending me their Aisling work to showcase in here.

On another note: the Fruits of Thought-series were the lost poems that I managed to burn when I opened Aisling Spark and closed Aislingan Araidh. Fortunately I found some pages on the WebArchive, so here they find their new home once more.

Collected Love Poems 2000 Tuatha de Deo - Poetry Reading
Mileth Fair (February 23rd 2002)
Tuatha de Deo - 2nd Poetry Reading
Mileth Fair (December 2002)
Fruits of Thought - by Whisper D. and Violet S. Lightbringer
Fruits of Thought - by Sybil of Cashel Rock Fruits of Thought - by Niamhe D'Au
Fruits of Thought - by Shadow de Server Fruits of Thought - by Palderon
Fruits of Thought - by Imajica Hyrill-Askosa Fruits of Thought - by Dunlouch
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