Temuair Poetry - Collected Love Poems 2000


Daceystar this goes out to you, I love you and will always love you.

Daceystar, oh Daceystar
wherever you are, my love goes far
I will find you where ever they may be
and I will be by your side for eternity

Your bueatiful red hair
the loving glare
makes me crazy time and time again
i love thee so and hope you know
i shall always be by your side...
i will always be there.

Daceystar i love you

Death has been done
So has love, but here goes...

The Soft Velvet patterns
Both Orange and Black
to make a design across small wings
that sit atop of a mass of red
String like, yet fine like spiders web
soft, like silk or a birds Freather

And below,
there lies two small pools of water
so still, as that to make it
hard to tell that they are there
and yet to see
a Midsummer's night Moon shine form them
and yet to see, afftion, wounder, love
form them..

And between them is somthing
I find rathor hard to describ
you could call it a ramp, but that would sound to hard
you could call it a hill, but that would be to big
A bump? no that just doesn't fit
I guess I'll just have to call it a noise

Pink, the color of this
soft, the feeling of it
They tell me things, and I listen
it is, somthing I'm sure anyone would want to kiss

Like small Canyons or shells
these two shapes are always two of a kind
They know many secerts,
they are great at what they do
I would say they are prettyest of all
but that would not be fair
to the rest of you

Soft like silk
Round and curvered
yet Strong and mighty
It is the Same thing you show love with
and the same thing you fight with

All of these things like gems
So buitful, so pretty
But unlike Gems they are one of kind
for you, are a truely unrepalaceble Tressure

-For my love Napie
((I hate talking about love becuse I feel like I'm in a mine field and the mines are all next to each other >_<))

I don't think that was my best... oh well...

Just showing it's not all death

A song I wrote for everyone to enjoy for their loved ones.. It's called Time and again...

Oh Love, what has become of me
I'm sure missing your company
Your day's beginning, my days about to end

You are so much a part of me,
You are the soul and the heart of me
I find myself thinkin of you time and again

Oh love, when you are far away I can't disquise
The way that I'm feeling when I get those far away eyes
time and again

You say you'll be home anyday and I'll be waiting counting the hours to when
I hear your footsteps at the door
You, me, waltzing around the floor
Back in your arms
Loving you time and again..


Oh love when you are far away I can't disquise
the way that I'm feeling when I get those far away eyes
time and again

You are so much a part of me,
You are the soul and the heart of me
I find myself thinking of you time and again

I find myself thinking of you time and again

Do you find yourself thinking of me time and again?


With love,


When I knew you loved me.. I had hope....
When You said my love.... My heart smiled....
When you showed me adoration... My life was peaceful....
When I was given doubt... I cried......
When My foolishness showed my unworth..... I knew....
I knew for the briefest time I was unready nor stable....

When the time came to look upon myself..... I was let down.....
When I saw how stupid I was to have nearly lost you.... I cried....
When the time came and I saw what I needed..... I needed you....
When the time I was in doubt...... I was Scared.......
When I saw I was not knowing.... It made me worry.....
I knew then... we were not to be apart..... For I loved you....

To Graynemeade..... Dedicated to a wonderous woman.



I was in a "looking for fuzzy stuff" phase, when I stumbled on an old song named "draw me close" I just wanted you to tell me if you find it fuzzy...it sure touched my heart and of course...I wrote it to Azyre *grins*.

So Here goes....

Draw me close to you
Never let me go
I lay it all about again
To hear you say that I am your friend

You are my desire
No one else will do
`cause nothing else could take your place
To feel the warmth of your embrace
Help me find the way
Bring me back to you

Your all I want
Your all I ever needed
Your all I want
Help me know you are near


I Love Aduna. I Love Aduna.
She is so beautifal her raven hair the sky.
Her eyes make me long to be closer.
Her lips beg to be kissed.
I want to embrace her forever in my arms and keep her safe from harm.
I Love Aduna. I Love Aduna.
Her skin so smoothe as satin.
She has the most gorgeous form.
Flowers can't compare to her beauty. Not even the coveted sevti.
Oh what a gift the great Glioca bestows.
I Love Aduna. I Love Aduna.

lover of Aduna
"the drunk priest"

Essence of Dunlouch

Ye can find her in all things if only ye look,
In the gentle breeze that cools ye on hot summer days and nights,
The array of stars above yer head that guide ships through long voyages,
And in the warm feelings that well up during cold winter and sustain hope.

She is the reason the sun rises each day,
The reason the Moon pulls ocean currents along,
The mysterious force that creates life,
nurtures it and sustains it through the Deochs.

The unbidden fortune that blesses ye in time of great need?
Tis my sweet Dunny at work. ;)

She is of beauty beyond compare,
Of angelic graces and grounded wisdom,
In me darkest days her shining love is my beacon,
And I always find my way in her light.

Where is my Dunlouch?
I am told she is at the end of a rainbow...
But I know she will be forever,
Safe in me heart.
*hugs* love ye Dunlouch *kisses*

-Roon 'Am Shirima
Luckiest Rogue in Temuir
Forever Unseelie

Looking for someone...

There was a time when meadow, grove, and stream,
The earth, and every common sight,
    To me did seem
    Apparelled in celestial light,
The glory and the freshness of a dream.
It is not now as it hath been of yore;--
    Turn wheresoe'er I may,
    By night or day,
The things which I have seen I now can see no more.

The Rainbow comes and goes,
     And lovely is the Rose,
    The Moon doth with delight
Look round her when the heavens are bare,
Waters on a starry night
    Are beautiful and fair;
    The sunshine is a glorious birth;
But yet I know, where'er I go,
That there hath passed away a glory from the earth.


I'll keep coming back... Looking for you.

Valvalis ((and Shakespeare, I think))


Temuair Nights

I woke up in my Mileth bed,
With a smile bright and true.
I didn't yawn but laughed instead.
In joy of a day beginning anew.

I skipped down the stairs while straightening out my blouse.
Riona was up and cleaning the house.
I smiled and said its a wonderful day!
She smiled and said kindly I was in the way.

So out of the house I was thrown!
On the yard I tumbled with my aching bones...!
I picked myself up and started for town,
That's where I knew my friends would be found.

I hopped and skipped like a little elf,
Singing a tune to myself.
I wish my blouse was a different color...
Poo, I guess I'll have to get another.

In Mileth town I walked,
People passed me as they talked.
I bent over to admire a hair band I held so dear.
While a few patrons did the same to my rear.

I continued to skip around town,
Phooey. My friends were not around.
Poop. Now I'm bored.
Maybe I'll look for a new sword!

I hopped and skipped like a little elf,
Singing a little tune to myself.
I wish my sword was a little bigger,
And my armor a little thicker...

EEP! It's too heavy for me!
My muscles hurt as I tried to lift the eppe.
Yes, okay... I wield a stick.
I'm still a girl you don't wanna mess with!

The blacksmith laughed in jubilation,
As I grappled with his creation.
I lay there on the floor,
I could not move anymore.

I was exhausted after that,
I found a rock then I sat.
I watched people walk by me,
Enjoying the shade under a tree.

My day had gone sour,
Getting worse by each hour.
I rested my face on my hand,
My smile had definitely gone bland.

Just then a voice called out,
My heart skipped and I looked about.
A man stood before me,
Handsome and cute I could see...!

We ende up strolling through town,
Looking at trinkets and just hanging around.
He was quiet and shy,
This, he would show.
But did I like him? I couldn't lie.
But did he like me? I had to know!

At the end of the day,
When all was done,
I wanted him to stay,
He was a lot of fun.

The sun was setting over the hill,
The sky was painted red and gold,
The two of us stood still,
Watching the night unfold.

A cool breeze blew,
It rustled against my reddish hair,
I shivered a little. I was cold and he knew.
So he drew me close to warm me with care.

I blushed a deep red,
I felt warm and mellow.
His touch was warmer than my bed,
And soft as a marshmellow...

We looked at the stars that night,
Watching them with twinkle and shine,
Our eyes shimmered bright,
His hug grew tighter and so did mine.

But the day had been long,
And I was very tired.
My constitution was not strong.
And in his arms I retired.

I awoke the next day.
I was in my bed!
Where was that man from yesterday?
Phooey! I slept like the dead!

I raced down the stairs,
I asked Riona about him,
She pointed to a chair,
On the chair rested a box, slim and thin.

I opened it and to my surprise,
A pure white blossom!
So pleasing to the eyes!
So elegant with a beauty so awesome!

I turned to Riona and asked "Where did he go?"
She sadly said he didn't say.
My heart dropped and fell below.
I ran outside and to my dismay...

I realized I didn't know his name!
I never asked him,
Where he came.

I dropped to my knees,
Clutching the flowery Sevti.
I felt like I was stung by bees,
And my heart became heavy.

Now I watch the stars every night,
I wish I may, I wish I might,
See his eyes' shining light.

I know he is watching too,
The stars in the night.
Feelings pure and true,
Love shining bright.

So on a starry night,
Remember that Aisling pure and true,
Make a wish that you might,
Have that Aisling there with you.



To My Love, From Your Love

To be loved... Not for what I do,
But just because I breathe breath
Not to be simply caressed by one's eyes
But held in one's heart,
Despite the change of seasons
Not to be loved always
But to be loved for eternity.
To be reached for... Not with mere hands
But with a soul.
I'd miss you when you're with me
Knowing at times we must be apart
Knowing even apart we are together
To be loved without conditions...
Know My Love
That You'll be loved
By one who loves you all the same

Unconditionally Yours


They wandered through the wood
one day.
Not caring if they
lost their way.

The prey they sought
t'was not a beast.
T'was upon each other
they planned to feast.

She ran ahead
and laughed out loud.
He followed closely,
tall and proud.

She lay down in the cool
moist grass,
and pulled him to her side
at last.

He kissed her lips
so sweet and red,
and blessed the day
that they'd been wed.

*laughs* The rest is up to your imagination. - Twila

Love is Beautiful 2 Joshy

Dedicated to the love of my life, Josh-
((Coldstar, Joshrambo, Bluegem etc etc etc ;) ))

How 'bout a little bit,
a little bit of moonlight dancin' underneath the starry sky?
Just the moon and you and I.
Moonlight dancin'
How 'bout a little bit,
a little bit of late night romance
underneath the starry sky?
How 'bout a little bit,
a little bit of late night romance?
Just the moon and you and I.
Ohh, nobody's gonna be there.
Oh so don't you wanna go where we could dance across the sky,
leave the world behind us?
Nothin' that we couldn't do.
Yeah, we could dance across the sky, leave the world behind us.
Just the moon and me and you.
We could hide inside the rhythm 'til the morning finds us.
Share a little ecstasy.
Yeah, we could hide inside the rhythm'til the morning finds us.
If you come away with me
I'll show you how it feels to be moonlight dancin'.
Oh, we gonna sail on the wind.
Oh, so don't you wanna begin?

((although this prolly will get deleted *sniffle* Just wanted to let you know that I love you a lot josh *muah* n imma never gonna let you go ;) ))


The Wedding Bide

so he had a little doubt.
You tell him, "I love you,
And no one will ever be above you!"
As you walk down the aisle,
You're feeling a bit denial.
As he holds your hand,
He slips on the wedding band,
You realize it's love,
As sweet as a Turtle Dove.
You felt it was the bide,
And now it's all aside,
You see why it was he you did marry,
In my case I found, that it was Dary.
You love him with all your heart,
Knowing you'll never part,
You know why you want to be with him,
It's all the love you have within.

He's all love on the mind,
You know longer have to hide,
He's only all sweet inside,
And now you know it wasn't the bide.
You love him with your whole heart,
And know you'll never part,
He's the one who's by your side,
The one who shared... Your wedding bide


*grins* I needed to write a poem, for the simple pleasure of writing it. That, and the fact that I am madly in love with Raeven. I needed to express this, so here it goes. *smiles* It's called - Home at last

For quite a long time,
I had no one home
I had no one place
I was content to roam

To walk the forests
and caves of my choice.
I didn't need to be heard,
so silence was my voice.

Then I tried to make a home,
Knowing that I need a place.
Failed did I, at that attempt,
and bitter was the taste.

Then I found a Bird of Night,
Of whom no Beauty can speak
and with her, I have a home,
I'm not alone, I'm not weak.

To the Bird of Night,
I have only one prayer -
We continue to fly,
and we love without tear


~*~ First Kiss ~*~

A whisper, a kiss..they speak words of things forbidden.
How can they know two heart's true course?
Straight and true, or snaking and winding..the path seems forever hidden.
Soft and sweet, a piece of her..he took it from the source.
Pretty words, love's catalyst..his deepest thoughts come unbidden.

A blush, his triumphant grin..sweet promises send her heart aspire.
Fingers brush across her cheek..all silent thoughts now said.
Their eyes meet..silent communication or some trick?
Her voice..so enchanting, whirls slowly within his head.
Their hearts beat faster, the clock ceases to tick.
Alone, with no distraction, frozen in a single moment of time.
But no..she moves to take his hand, her touch awakens the fire.

All is quiet, then in a rush of movement, they are entwined.
Body and soul are one, a quickening vision appears before him.
Her lips, soft and supple, pleasing like a fine wine..he drinks her in.
A pause, the sound of breathing, that moment stretched eternal.
This is the way he can be with her..forever cradled within a gentle kiss.

-Avallon Eldarine

~*I don't know if you could actually consider this poem 'fuzzy' but I like it so I'm gonna post it :P*~

I just want to take you away from everyone,
And keep you stashed under my pillow.
And then I'd take you out simply for my own pleasure,
And wear you when the occasion's special.

Then I'd put you on like a diamond,
So I can sparkle and be the envy of my friends.
I'd proudly hold the leash that I'd have you on,
So you can't stray and follow me around all day.

It's too late now,
I don't think it can fade.
It's too real now,
Fulfillment just adds fuel to the blaze.

Compulsion has stained me,
I'm nervously cradling our young love.
Without known limits of love,
Like a butterfly cupped in my hands.

I peek in to see beauty trapped,
Confined it flutters.
Then it leaves behind colorful dust,
To remind me of the special times we spent.

But of course,
It has to leave my clutch.
But, enough's never enough,
To make a dent.

And in time it will end,
And there really isn't hope.
For the two of us,
But, right now I just give in...

It's too late now,
I don't think it can fade.
It's too real now,
Fulfillment just adds fuel to the blaze.


Temuair Poetry

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