Fruits of Thought - by Palderon


A Tear

It falls
through the air

Shedded by either
the happy
or the sad
it hits the floor

another appears
leaving gracefully from the eye
past the cute nose
over the fragile cheeks
and around the soft lips

It dangles from the chin
not wanting to let go
not wanting to say goodbye

but the grip loosens
and it to, falls
never to be a part of someone again


new poem... just finished writing, i havn't done any revisions or anything, so it... well, sucks....

My breath of rum
My hands of blood
Both my greaves
Stained with mud

On the ground
My sword lay
My shield falls in a stream
And floats away

Across the ground
My items, all scattered
And my cursed body
All torn and tattered

The kobs and the gobs
Stand all around
They seem to be laughing
Yet there's not a sound

So I lay there
Surrounded by flowers
I feel all alone
Through my last hours

I take a deep breath
I let loose a sigh
As my whole life
Flashes by my eye
My death is assured
So why do I try?
I relax all my muscles
And say my goodbye

sorry about spelling, havn't gotten around to check some words yet... yeah... but anyway... who votes i just scrape the poem altogether? *watches everyones hands raise*


I want to

want to hunt but have not a brown
I want to die but nowhere to drown
I want to live but first I must see
How cruel and deceptive you are to me

I want to fly but i need a feather
I want to sail but it's stormy weather
I want to know how much it would cost
To vaquish memories of love that i lost

I want to be free but that's only a dream
I want to win but then I need a team
I want to be healed and lose all this pain
No more loss and be filled with gain

I want to find something and be the first
I want to drink miracles to quench my thirst
And last of all a question for thee
I want to know... why I had to be me?

i'm guessing i wrote this while i was drunk, shortly after i had passed out and when i came to i found this on a parchment. my head still hurts... going now.....


Night in the Woodlands

Sunset through the valley
Tears of the sky fall deep
Green seas of the forest
The glowing ember in the sky

Running fast through the woodlands
Into the crimson reflection
Around the green trees
Trying to get home before nightfall

She stops
Out of breath, gasping for air
Listening to the dark howl
Of the crisp and cold winds

She drinks from a nearby pond
Reflecting the fresh moonlight so soft
Dancing shadows circle around
Creatures of the night

Scared, she draws closer to the water
Hoping these beasts have not seen her
A rustle around her, she turns to run
But trips on a blowndown branch

She lays there with baited breath
Closes her eyes as something embraces her
A soft voice surrounds her, comforting
And a warmth passes through her

Opens her eyes
A warrior stands there
Fears rush out, as hope rushes in
A new sun glitters in the crimson sky
As they leave together



Temuair Poetry

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