Fruits of Thought - by Shadow de Server


when first you feel it
a burning in your heart
it is indescribable
impossible to replicate
that first love
then it ends
and all that is left is an empty shell
just now realizing it is empty
with nothing to fill the void
to love and lose
many that lose swear
never to love again
they may even feel it
that burning sensation
but be afraid to be truly burned again
I loved once
it felt like it would never end
but there is no eternal thing
he left me
and then i realized how alone i was
what good is love if it comes with this bane?
this evil threat that claws at your heart
even as you feel the power of love
there is no greater power
than the power of goodbye...
I thought i could never love again
not in that way
not with such risk
but what is life without risk?
without someone to share it with?
it may cause pain in the future
but there is no time like the present
I may be cursed but...
I will love again.

"Where there is light there is Shadow"
"the brighter the light the darker the Shadow"
by serving the Shadow i serve the light

dont you ever stop thinking about death death gore violence?
even i dont think about it this much
try just TRY to post something trully Fuzzy the way it is intended to be
or at least try not to kill people in your poems :

Now my poem:

Shadows dance
To good entrance
To break the light
to keep the night
Cant stay that way
no night without day
The sun will rise
and good will stay

"Where there is light there is Shadow"
"the brighter the light the darker the Shadow"
by serving the Shadow i serve the light

((Fuzzy Vote winner for the first two weeks of May 2000))

i dont care if you dont like what i have to say
its my words so DEAL WITH IT

I just can't bash Lothe anymore
how can you bash those you adore?
the words i need are just a few
Cause Lothe al'Varia I LOVE YOU!!!!!!!

hehe there is love in this world! :)

"Where there is light there is Shadow"
"the brighter the light the darker the Shadow"
by serving the Shadow i serve the light

The REAL REASON Shadow got banished from Mileth

Shadow walked one day down the Mileth way
throgh Dar and Cian's pass
as she leaned on the fence she looked over and hence
saw the cows eating green green grass
Now why, she thought, did the bovine lot
eat grass that lay at their feet
too raw to munch!
ill light that bunch!and give the cows a treat!

So she threw a match at the green green patch
and watched it catch afire
And the cow he ran like a cow only can
but he was roasted on the pyre
as the field burned red and the cows flamed dead
a guard should happen to pass
and he saw her there with her blankish stare
beholding the burning grass
and you're the one to blame!
we'll lock you away so you'll never see day
and the people forget your name

So Shadow ran as fast as she can
to the magic city where
she decided to stay for maybe a day
so the cows wouldnt flame her there
now the fields are back and the cows arent black
and the farmers back to their ploughs
but not a cow in Mileth will ever forget
the day of the flaming cows

~El Fin!

Shadow's Greeting

GIVE me a HEMLOCH i'll SELL you my soul
to GET me a HEMloch i lose all con TROLLLLL!!
*grabs hat and cane*
but the greatest stuff i swear it's true
is the hemloch that I get from you!
its the greatest group in history
with the weirdest members including me!
There's good old Swannie the Hemloch king
and a bunch of people who cannot sing!
there's no one better soon you'll see

and for those of you who didn't get it
i have returned from my 'vacation' to fill the world with my peculiar brand of evil once again. Arise!Death IS reborn again!!Dark...Pheonix... DESTROY!!!
"Wherever there is light there is Shadow"
Carpe Noctem!!


Temuair Poetry

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