Fruits of Thought - Sybil of Cashel Rock


*wipes eyes, looks for pebbles to throw*

Falling apart
is what happens to the stone,
Little pebbles fall to the ground,

The Sand is blown
Unto my eyes,
I feel the sharp sting.

Garden Love

I adore and desire
The butterflies' fly around
I hear a beat, is it my heart?

I desire and adore
The wolf comes near
I feel warmth, is it the sun?

I adore and desire
The flowers smell sweet
I need air, Am I dying?

I desire and adore
The bee stung me
I'm poisoned, is this love?


Sitting by the solitary sea
Whistlin wind sings to me
I close me eyes and dream of you
While gentle waves wash ashore
The sands of time cling to me
Making me wish for more...

* opens eyes, looks fer hemloch*

The Winner of the March 2000 Fuzzies: Sybil (6 votes)

Secrets of the well

Well of dreams, hopes and desires
how many coins tossed with burning fires?
Remnants lay of shattered dreams
What secrets do ye keep?

Thunder and rain I hear,
Fill you with tears
Replenishing your secrets to ensnare
The next coin tossed through the air.

Sybil of Cashel Rock


Lavender Roses

Unconsciously Fiole walked into the enchanted forest, gathering violets flowers she entwined in her long lavender hair. She had a faraway look in her blue eyes, her mind was only thinking of a handsome monk. His innocence captured her heart along with his strange wild ways. She sat there in the wild grass, basking in the sun. Preparing her traps, her methods unique as she dipped a thin coil into her hemlock concoction. She thanked Fiosachd, yes she was lucky this time. She laughed out loud in the lone forest: she was always lucky. With that thought she got up and walked to Pravat, in search of a new trap.

Treasures I seek but what do I find,
Lavender roses and white petal flowers
Lavender roses those smell so sweet.
Careful with the thorns, they prick.
Poison in your heart, Hemloch sweet
Claiming your soul for me to keep.




Temuair Poetry

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