Tuatha de Deo - Poetry Reading Mileth Fair

(organised by Valvalis on behalf of Tuatha de Deo - February 23rd 2002) 

Valvalis, Fair Memories
Flyss, Poem by Alexander Pushkin (?)
Lothe, Nocturne for Fallen Angels
Sammul, Edmund Caught the Arrow
WindyRunes, A funny Aisling Spark
Duplico, Omner's Farewell Poem
Sungam, A Dear Friend Lost
Sungam, Memories of the Earth-Sea
Valvalis, Why Cry?
Kalika, Mama's Kiss (Barbara Cooney)

Estara, Poem for Arne
Lenoa, Haiku
Lenoa, Damiel's Poem
WindyRunes, Rivers of Temuair
Valvalis, Inner Fire - Here comes the Sun
Jagg, Best Friend
Ashin, The Start of an Unfinished Poem (?)
Steelwind: Engel/Angels
Posident: Short Poem (?)

I remember so well the best days of my life
When my eyes turned away from this world's strife.
I was a different person then,
And when I dream, I am again.

The past is all I have to share.
When my eyes were draped in yellow hair.
And memories of a day so fair...
When I had not a single care.

The happiest girl of all Temuair...
I opened my colorful booth at the fair.
While faces passed by, laughter danced in the air.
And I stood in the middle, alive and aware.

A jewel to sell, a staff to mend.
Or once in awhile I would wave to a friend.
These were the only concerns of mine..
Thinking of love and feeling fine.

Spirits were high; my voice was bold.
Felt the touch of the wind and the zeal of gold.
Basked in the sun while my hair gleamed like honey.
My heart filled with joy, and eyes full of money.

I called out to them as they scurried like mice.
Many people walked by, some rude, some nice.
Haggle with him or with her on the price...
A Holy Diana, going once, going twice.

The day went down and moved to night.
The sky changed colors in my sight.
And as the sun gave its last caress,
Dusk came deep as my purple dress.

I walked to the theatre in the warmth of June.
To listen to stories in the light of the moon.
And as I sat under glowing blue...
I gave a smile and thought of you.

Though I could have been quite anywhere,
I was truly happy just sitting there.
About in sheer felicity,
That's found in pure simplicity.

June is gone, and now September.
Yet so often, I remember.
The days that we have spent together,
Stay with me now, and will forever.

The end.

~ Valvalis

((This poem is by Alexander Pushkin. Not mine, unfortunately))

I loved you -
even now I may confess
some embers of my love their fire retain.
But do not let it cause you more distress,
I do not want to sadden you again.

Hopeless and tongue-tied, yet I loved you dearly
With pangs the jealous and timid know.
So tenderly I loved you, so sincerely,
I pray God grant another love you so.

Flyss: *ends and bows a little*

"Nocturne for Fallen Angels".
*coughs softly before beginning*

Silently your wings have folded
You've submitted to the eve of your life;
Deep down inside you know
That your destiny here is complete;
Within your soul you can feel it--
The innocent eyes of yours,
Which once looked upon teh world,
Now are blind.

What once was a shining glory
Reflected on snow-soft feathers,
Now is a blighted moon
Struggling to retain the beauty
It remembers it once possessed.
Although now you know the rigors of life,
You have not left behind everything,
For within each heart-of-hearts you carry with you
So much, what once made you what you were,
What in such time became your downfall.
Once you were a master of the sky,
For you could look down and the world prostrated itself
before you
Once you were a tenant of God,
For He had endowed you with all you had, provided for you;
But now you have fallen from favor,
Or perhaps you have lost what once was so dear to you--
A lover, a loved, a something-deep-inside;
And you no longer had the strength
To support those great wings;
Instead, you fell to the ground,
Collapsed and bound yourself to the earth.
That which no arrow could pierce and no fire could burn
Now is as supple as newborn flesh;
That which once awed men
Now is their scorn;
That which kept you grasped in the sky
Now lies silently on your back.
You eyes no longer burn
With the awesome fire once they held;
Your skin no longer shines
With the unearthly sheen that once gave you grace;
Your eyes now are dull and barren,
You skin lack-luster and brown.
The sun was night but now the moon has risen,
The heavens smiled but now have turned their face,
What once was sin is not again forgiven,
An angel dies, whene're she falls from grace.
So deep inside this forest
You are secreted away
Where no one will find your body,
Curled up, enveloped in its wings
Which once spread so awesomely
And now hang limply across your skin.
You have been thrown out,
The avatar of discarded gods;
Men have made for themselves better things than thou.
No longer is your presence a required force,
The darkness will be your only companion nowhence.
Perhaps a few remember,
But the rest choose to forget.
Deep within the darkness of the night
Lies all untold--
Men and beasts and other things,
Dust and dirt and angel wings.

~ Lothe

This is titled "Edmund Caught the Arrow"
And a little background, so you'll understand, is that
this was a response to one of Larsius's posts on the
Rucesion board about why Rucesion doesn't have weather
and his theories on a kobold that watered the plants
The kobold's name was Edmund :)
Alright. here we go. *clears his throat*

Standing true and tall was that gardener
Watering each plant, each day and night
He trinkled there, and sprinkled here
Till one day there aroused a fight

T'was Edwardo! O, how he was jealous of Edmund
He pulled out his bow and his arrow and took his aim
Edmund held up his watering can, surrendering
The assassin laughed and jumped and sang

"What is the matter with you?" asked Edmund
The assassin did not answer, he continued to sing
"Tis I who will water the plants now!" He laughed
*FFT!* went the arrow, and Edwardo considered himself King

Just then, a trickle of rain fell on Edwardo's cheek
And on the body of Edmund, who was lying dead
"Could this be?But Larsius said..."
But to his disbelief, lightning cracked overhead

The body of Edwardo rose up, and clanged Edwardo on the head
Edwardo fell over into a puddle, which soon grew red
Edmund smiled up at the sky, and the clouds cleared
Now he could tell his children about how Edmund caught the

Sammul: Thank you.

I wrote a poem called "A funny Aisling Spark"
here goes ;)

Blue faerie light surrounds me
In the Mileth inn of Riona
Confused and bewildered
I fumbled with my pouch
The world of Temuair I heard
Is big and strange

Wearing my ragged blouse I walked out
A sniff of fresh air cleansed me out
The first step into the new bright world
My instinct at once scream out
Who what when where why and how
Someone please help me out

I hear snippets of How are you
Repair, Im Korean, Help me out
I looked around the buzz
I thought I almost blacked out
A monk, I think, came to me
You a newbie, he asked me
Yes I am, I said, please help me

He said, I will help if you help me
I looked at him and he looked at me
I waited and waited for him to tell me
He shrugged, mumbled about dugons and ignored me
I don't know what I did but he left me
My mind drifted back to the din
I heard we are called aislings

I tried to walk around gingerly
But I kept banging into things
Later I knew to use overhead sight
So I could move easily to enjoy the sight
Mundane rumours flying left and right
What could I do with my first daylight

thank you ;)
~ WindyRunes

This is not my poem, that I'm going to read
It is actually Omner's, which he placed somewhere
before he departed Temuair ;.;
*clears throat*

Nothing in this crazy world
will stay the same forever
Everything you see is flowing
On the river of time
Travellers all, yet we
share this same road
One of us, all of us
Travellers of Temuair.

And here I stand, finally,
at the point that I've sought
Descision to make. Things to be faced.
Here at a bend in the road.
The path behind stretches far
A great distance I've travelled.
Just as far, further, stretching onward,
here at the bend of the road.

Tomorrow I travel; a whole new direction
Awaits. Will I ever be ready?
This path I had chosen, far in the past,
and I finally find the divergence.
Yet tonight, I will camp here
and to fellow travellers
I will speak, for as long as I may.

Adventures we've been in, and goals that we had.
Tomorrow is different. A whole new direction
Will be guide to my wandering feet,
As the highway I leave, and lofty goals chase,
To better myself. And the world.
Mayhaps in the future, this highway will
Find me, and once more I'll cherish each step.

Perhaps someday, this trav'ler shall walk it once more
through mem'ries that never did fade.


I have two poems, actually.. and both need a bit of an
introduction, I fear - so prepare to be bored, though I'll
make it brief
First one is a rather old piece - my first, actually. Almost
20 years old now.
*clears throat* It was written in Deoch 6 or 7, to my guide,
as he left Temuair.

He taught me of faith
my sword went to rest
He taught me of friendship
a friend was his only quest
He taught me of compassion
to love and to care
I became a warrior out of war
a sight so very rare
He never demanded
he only gave
To his honour,
his name I shall save
Now he is gone
his presence will be missed
His memory I shall treasure
my spirit he kissed
I thank you for everything
May Glioca be with thee
A Dear Friend Lost
Lomas Vellucci

*coughs* The end

This one is a work-in-progress,
that I've not had the time to finish
The thing is.. it's completely in Aosdic
Which, for the less litterate of you, is the ancient tongue
of Hy-Brasyl ((Irish Gaelic))
However!My Aosdic is horribly rusty
As such, I beg the forgiveness of anyone who may actually
speak it, and is offended by my numerous errors
I will also provide a translation, in the common tongue, but
that can hardly be considered a "real" poem
Anyway.. Onward!
*clears throat*

Me coisich triom an marbhan
(I walked among the dead)
Me d'aogas mo basachadh carraid
(I looked at my dying friend)
An beathach sheas romham
(The beast stood before me)
Me shuidh ionam mi-bhuaidh
(As I sat in defeat)
Ach me agam d'aogas aisling
(But I had seen a dream)
Me agam duil, me agam marsainn
(I had hope, I had strength)
Ged me colann bha anfhann, me aigne bha daingeann
(Though my body was weak, my spirit was strong)
Cho me agam d'aisling diom cugar, me choisich an casan
(As I had dreamed of a hero, I walked the path)
Ma me canastair figh aisling de beatha
(If I can weave a dream of life)
Me canastair cruth an beatha de me aisling
(I can shape a life of my dreams)
Ged an fior cruinne faod bi eu-cneasda
(Though the world may be cruel)
Ged olc crannchar lean
(Though ill fate persists)
Me intinn lean aisling
(I shall continue to dream)
Me intinn lean maireann
(I shall continue to live)
Leithid an tabhartas de Deoch
(Such is the Gift of Deoch)
Leithid a me
(That is who I am)
Cuin miadh chead asam, uair is uair
(When love left me, time and again)
Me creideamh bha bhriste, me duil bha thrasgair
(My faith was torn, my hope broken)
Gach aimsir me throth analaich
(Every time I tried to stand)
Me d'fairtlich
(I failed)
Ach me agam d'aogas aisling
(But I had seen a dream)
Agus ionam cridhe me chreid
(And in my heart I believed)
Me chreid ionam miadh
(I believed in love)
Me chreid uair eile
(I believe again)
Soraidh leat samhail me faod aisling, me faod duil
(As long as I can dream, I can hope)
Soraidh leat samhail me faod faic deaghad, me faic analaich
(As long as I can see a better future, I can go on)
Ged an leigian de Chadul faod buail me a-bhan
(Though the legions of Chadul may strike me down)
Se nior faic gabh me duil agus aisling
(He can never take my hopes and dreams)
Me tabhartas fior sith-bheatha
(My gift is true immortality)
Neoni faic crioch me aisling
(For nothing - nothing can end my dream)
Ma me faich aisling..
(If I can dream..)
Me faich duil..
(I can hope..)
Ma me faich duil..
(If I can hope..)
Me faic aisling..
(I can dream..)
Oir me agam aogas aisling
(For I have seen a dream...)

*whipes eyebrow and coughs*

~ Sungam

First, I'd like to read, courtesy of Tuatha de Deo
A poem by Leia. ^_^
Very short.
*clears throat*

What brings to your face a tear,
When your smile a sick child can heal?
How odd, seems to me such sadness
and, anyway
can't see anything but sweetness.
What fear grieves your soul today, my little girl,
Even with so much love along your way?
And why you don't even care when all the good fade away?
And tho' time passes, your beauty far from darkening
amazes, and those eyes stealing glances,
why keep rending my weak heart?
Why are you still staring at me? Open your arms,
Shout to the wind, and just... smile.

~ Valvalis

This is from The Book"Torilitas Para Mama" By:Barbara Cooney
A book of (Litte Kids) Poems this ones called"Mama's Kiss"
very short

Every morning,I dream at dawn..
That an angel from the heaven
When I open my eyes,I look around
And in the same spot,I see my Mama

~ Kalika

I dedicate my poem which has 30 lines but most of them short to the hope and dreams of lovers, current and former ones and the memory of the most beautiful time in my life and of course, to Arne

Are there enough tongues to express
the feeling of finding
the matching beat
my heart had missed before
Growing up in a state of inarticulate longing
barely acknowledged,
like the butterfly inside a cocoon.

Comfortable in my safe and known surroundings,
unaware of the true cause for insatiable curiosity:
longing for the one heartbeat among the many,
the flashing smile across the crowd,
the eyes meeting unerringly in companionable laughter,
the wit glimmering within the river of words,
inspiration of spirit, mind and soul.

Glowing gift of emotion shimmering at the bottom of the
spirit's wild water,
casting my net and my safety aside to follow,
needing to dart alongside the free spirit,
not trying to captivate -
only the desire to add my own flourishes to the wild dance.

And then...
red and golden mirrors reflecting my viewpoint,
adding, enhancing, completing my fancies,
the wild spirit turns to me,
smiling, embracing, accepting the gift freely offered.
Completing and matching my heartbeat,
moyo serdze,
mon coeur,
mi corazon,
mein Herz
...finally home.

~ Estara

Tonight, I would like to share with you a haiku..
If put in my perspective, it explains my life as of now.
::leans forward on her staff, clearing her throat::

The sun descended...
One lonely star showed.. Burning
bright, forever pure.

::smirks a bit::
~ Lenoa

I would like to recite a poem I heard from Damiel a long while ago..
If only he were here to listen to a fan. ::grins::

"May comforts and harmony abound;
Lothlorien grove's love surround.
Healing sing, with winter's breath, at thy
windowsill to herald a hallowed day,
May the melody heal grey skies blue;
Lunar Goddess bless, with kisses, you."

~ Lenoa

I wrote a poem in deoch 10 i think
or maybe earlier
my very first poem of Temuair
hope you will enjoy it ;)
here goes
ops.. its called Rivers of Temuair ;)

I have visited the rivers of Temuair
Clear pristine water flowing free
Varieties of fishes unknown to me
Big and small they swim and dance
In the afternoon under Red Temuair Sun

I have visited the rivers of Temuair
Mileth River wide and long
Rounding through the village clear and strong
Water from the mountain afar
Invisible to us yet the presence is strong

I have visited the rivers of Temuair
Piet River silent and unknown
Slow flowing water glistening in the day
Reflections of me I always gaze
And a pair of imaginary eyes I stare
With love and passion I remain

I have visited the rivers of Temuair
Soumi River flowing through Undine
Longest river in Temuair
Water gushing past with speed and force
Feels me with never ending energy force

I have visited the rivers of Temuair
Kasmanium Mine River, Beautiful and Magical
The life giving force of Dracos
Beautiful and serene in the day
Dark and dangerous in the night
Yet its my most beloved river
Tis here I come with my love
Without any care in the world

The rivers of Temuair
With different styles and character
How many more are hidden and unexplored
In my beloved magical world

THere! hope you like it ;)
~ WindyRunes

I dedicate this poem to my cousin Shrike.
Who taught me the value of meditation and spirit.
This is called: "Inner Fire" - (or, Here Comes The Sun)
*clears throat*

Gone back again - and my desire
 to forget all things I've ever known
Burns inside me like a fire
 While I'm surrounded and alone.
Gone back again - instead of forward.
 I agree it is absurd...
In Rucesion, I face shoreward.
 Dwelling on a single word.
My window gone, and it was so
 Easy for me to fly through!
Another stands dark while I lay low,
 Keeping the light from my view.
I sleep against the rise and fall
 of the sun, and my eyes know only
The black curtains long and tall,
 as I awaken tired and lonely.
Is it over? I've made the decision
 To clothe myself in vermillion. Right,
Save your pleading and derision.
 I won't go back without a fight.
So now I look to Suomi with my
 Back to the East despite the cost.
Raise my eyes up to the sky
 and forget what I have lost.
The feel of the Mileth grass
 reminds me of the chorus
of Aislings at Gliocan mass,
 As I walk towards the forest.
The only flower of meditation
 in the wasteland, yet my ard ioc
Cannot heal the damage which upon
 My body has been struck.
My blue star is fading, blue gone to black.
 Encircle myself ten thousand times.
I've covered my hair, and won't go back
 ere my soul is forgiven of these crimes.
What? An angel do you see?
 Oh, my heart beats just as thine.
Untouched by such hypocrisy?
 Raise your eyes and behold mine.
Lo! I see a dove there flying
 over me with talk of peace..
Harken - That's a serpent dying.
 And deo saighead just increased.
Glioca would be proud, she would!
 A joke--of killing faster...
But gain true insight, that I should
 become a real master.
Would I like to hunt? I must decline
 regretfully, for it is not in Cthonic
Remains, nor lovely fields of Undine
 that will bring me insight. Quite ironic.
The sunshine moves upon the breeze
 And I am her, while walking here
Across the land and through the trees.
 Nostalgia makes me shed a tear.
It is here that I found love,
 happiness and a passion to be.
Awaken inside me the flame of
 my soul and burn with me!
Yet still... I am unenlightened for
 which that I should work to capture.
The world that makes me frightened or
 the blinding light of celestial rapture.
Tell me please, which one is right?
 Darkness behind, or that which blinds me
from pain I feel with a shining light
 yes whispers of dishonesty?
In the Temple of Choosing I will stand
 again, yet the path this time I choose
may prove to be the longest. And
 There again have naught to lose.
Hoping that time will reveal a solution.
 Gnarled staff and garb light blue.
Wisdom of a priest, and a monk's constitution.
 Maybe I will know what to do.
When the day arrives that it has begun...
 Perhaps I'll undo what can't be undone.
And in the end, I will have only one
hing to say - "Here comes the sun..."

~ Valvalis

Uhmm this is a short poem i wrote about a friend hope
you guys will enjoy it =)

Light cracks the weathered-wind
and poured its rays so pure
Down across the streams it went
brewing shades of gold
To the place i lay my head
barely even alive
Till i heard the voice of one
gentle, sweet and kind
Whispering incantations
that brougt healing and delight
Broken i was no more
aplace of bliss i knew
Kindness begets kindness
and things like this she taught
the ways of an aisling
and the fair land of Temuair
Showing mr the light of compassion
she kept me far from harm
Now her light shines in me
even when we are apart
Though she travels to distance lands
and i see her but few
Lady Graynemeade Fair Maiden of compassion
in my heart is renewed

~ Jagg

Well this is only the begining of my poem since i haven't been
able to finish it yet so it isn't much

I sit alone upon this stone
glaring at the winter moon
All alone upon this stone
I think of times that are long gone.
Slowly loosing hope, suddenly I feel a gust of wind
bringing back my sight again.
I look around in hope to see
that you are standing next to me.
But all I see is bright white light
reflecting in my weary eyes.

And that is all I have for now
~ Ashin

This is a poem/song that I like very much.
Its not my own, but it's a fav of mine.
And its completely in German.
I will read it as-is, then translate.
It is Titled: Engel, or Angel.

Wer zu Lebzeit gut auf Erden
wird nach dem Tod Engel werden
den Blick gen Himmel fragst Du dann
warum man sie nicht sehen kann.

Erst wenn die Wolken schlafen gehen
kann man uns am Himmel sehen
Wir haben Angst und sind allein
Gott gib, ich will kein Engel sein!

Sie leben hinterm Sonnenschein
getrennt von uns unendlich weit
sie mussen sich an Sterne krallen
damit sie nicht vom Himmel fallen

Erst wenn die Wolken schlafen gehen
kann man uns am Himmel sehen
wir haben angst und sind allein
Gott gib, ich will kein Engel sein!

Ok, the translation:

Live in virtue, no desire
In the grave an Angel's choir
You look to heaven and wonder why
No one can see them in the sky

Just as the clouds have gone to sleep
Angels can be seen in Heaven's keep
Alone in fear they question why
Goddam not an angel when I die!

Angels live, they never die
Apart from us, behind the sky
They're fading souls, turned to ice
So ashen white in paradise.

Just as the clouds have gone to sleep
Angels can be seen in Heaven's keep.
Alone in fear they qiestion why
Goddam not an Angel when I die!

Thank you.
The end.
~ SteelWind

i have a very short poem to share today
hope you guys like it

laughters of joy on the day of birth
tears of sorrow on the day of death
from sunrise to sundown
life comes and goes

thanks you =p
~ Posident


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