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I want to be a Warrior -
Recollections I

I don't quite recall what it was that drew me to her. The sparkle in her eye. The spring in her step. I don't quite recall, and that's something I regret. Irregardless, it was to her that I made a beeline, only to have my stomach lurch and fearful hesitancy grip me at the last moment. And so it was that I simply quietly followed her around for a while. For the better part of the day, all truth be told.

Now I'm a pretty shy girl. Always have been. And even though I now bear various political titles and trappings and am one of the realms foremost official figures, I'm still a very shy girl at heart. It took me a long while to gather up the courage to speak with her, it was a hard, hard thing to do.

Standing there, in her Cotehardie and matching Shagreen boots, her midnight hair tied back into a ponytail, Miss Nahnia made for a very imposing figure. Especially to a wee lass such as myself, wandering around barefoot in what I would later learn Nahnia lovingly called the "Pumpkin Dress".

To this day, I don't believe I ever actually asked her the oft heard "Can you guide me?". I don't know if there was something that simply went unspoken between us, the fact I was a simple peasant, or the fact that Deoch's Spark had so recently been consuming folk as though wildfire. In the end, I don't suppose it matters much anyways. Nahnia did indeed guide me.

When we were at the Temple, she kept stressing that I shouldn't walk around much on the runes enscribed upon the floor. Though they sapped my life, I was in no danger I thought. I would learn much, much later, that those runes were once upon a time, very deadly, and that more than one person had been sent to Sgrios in pursuit of a Path.

It's fair enough to assume that I came away from the experience a Warrior. A "Warrioress" as Nahnia liked to call us. From the guiding, we flowed into a pseudo-tutorial. (We didn't have the tutorial when I was little.) Nahnia showed me about, and bought me the equipment I would need to make good my profession. I promised I would pay her back, though she said I needn't. After having set me up with a whole host of equipment, I was off and running. Visiting the Mileth Crypt for the first time, eager to go out and make a name for myself.
Eager to make Nahnia proud.

Miriamele DuBaulde-Salandrian
"The Fist of Gramail"
Champion of Temuair
- Praetor Demagogue of Rucesion

A Champion's Tale
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