Emclaude, named for Miri's Father

It is with great relief - and greater thanks to the collection of Allita Hyrill, wise priestess of Ceannlaidir - that once more I can present the recollections of one of Temuair's foremost warrior-women:

Miriamele, courtesy of Talshaya Purehurst

Miriamele DuBaulde-Salandrian
"The Fist of Gramail"
Champion of Temuair
- Praetor of Rucesion



The younger Aislings will not have met this eminently kind and very energetic Aisling personality. Which is why I am very happy to be able to share her impressions of life in a younger Temuair with all of you.

In memory of a kind heart with an open ear for every courteous young Aisling...

- Meranna di Cantos
Sister in Cail
oldest friend of Estara
first meeting Mirichan in Deoch 6


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