Mirichan Original Portrait

Growing Up
- Recollections II

At my Seventh Insight, myself and another young warrior friend, Megie, felled a wolf in the 3-1 Woodlands. I'm not sure if this is a big deal to any of today's folks, but I grew up in a time where Small rings did not exist, and beag srad was a death sentence. The wolf dropped an incredible-looking sword. A Stilla, in fact. I gave it to Nahnia, since surely she would be able to make use of such a wonderous blade! Well, it turned out that she couldn't. ^^;

She banked it though, and told me she would as soon as she could. I remember balking at the price she paid for the blade's safekeeping, and apologizing profusely for forcing her to spend so much! Though now I'm quite sure it wasn't any greater than five thousand coins.

By my eleventh Insight, I'd managed to become a fairly distinct and recognizable personality. I had started to fall into friendships with those who had been around the realm far longer than I. One such person, Gebbinn, who was Nahnia's husband to be, suggested near the end of my mentoring that my candor and demeanour was well suited towards a guild.A guild like the Runic Terra Society, of which he was a member.

In my typically shy and polite manner, I told him I probably wasn't suited for such. Time progessed, and I grew. My friendship with Nahnia growing even moreso. Forays into 10-1 and 11-1 under the guidance of the masterful priests Lomas & Zyz before I had even gained my 20th Insight would forever change the way I approached battle. I would venture deeper into the Crypts, with friends still about the realm today, like MayHeart, Zrafh and Taliesin.

Miriamele DuBaulde-Salandrian
"The Fist of Gramail"
Champion of Temuair
- Praetor of Rucesion

A Champion's Tale
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