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Wedding and Time
- Recollections III

Nahnia gained the 41st Insight, and moved into a brand new Kasmanium Hauberk at about the exact same moment I reached my 26th Insight. She gave me her brilliant green Cotehardie, something I had always known to be a part of her. A very key and defining part of her person. Quite speechless, I accepted it. Nahnia would introduce me to her friend Moonlit not too much long after all this. And Moon and I would become practically inseperable for long, long time to come.

Moonlit and friends, Miri is the brownhaired girl at the top

Nahnia was to be married the day after I gained my 41st Insight. Moon and I worked hard to be able to fit into Kasmanium Hauberks for the occasion. Nahnia got us our Hauberks, recruiting BlackStone for the task, since she was about the only other person capable of producing them at the time. Moon got her's first, I wasn't in the realm at the time, and when I finally did stop in, I remembered being quite hurt because it was something we'd agreed to do at the exact same moment. I suppose it didn't matter much though, and we were indeed wearing them both for the magical moment the next day.

Nahnia had the jitters something fierce. Cooped up in the local Vault with her, I was no better. Jittery because one of my best friends was about to be married. Never in the history of Temuair was there so much giggling and hopping around in one place. The Marriage of Nahnia and Gebbinn would be the first wedding in the realm to feature the Satin Gown and Tuxedo so resplendant at later functions. I have very vivid memories of the occasion, complete with Faeron in nothing but his skivvies and boots.

Not too long after the wedding, one of my greatest dreams would be realized. I would hunt alongside Nahnia. I would only have the chance to realize this dream once, however, but it was reward beyond description. The next time I would have the chance to hunt with Nahnia, she would have to bow out at the last moment, but it would lead to my meeting Pashura, the Dreaded High Priestess of Cail. And that, is a seperate story all to itself.

Sadly, Nahnia would be drawn away from the realm.. her presence dwindling until it had all but vanished.. there were rumors, speculation, and hopes.. but in the end, Nahnia still was nowhere to be found.
But Time marches on..

Miriamele DuBaulde-Salandrian
"The Fist of Gramail"
Champion of Temuair
- Praetor of Rucesion

A Champion's Tale
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