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Dread Friendship
- Recollections V

I remember meeting Pashura very vividly.

For those of you that don't know who Pashura is, she is the High Priestess of Cail. She was when I first met her, and she still is to this day. She holds the most orderly masses in Temuair, makes Mana last much longer than any other priest I know, is a commanding presence in any locale, an accomplished politician, and is above all, most importantly my friend.

I wasn't too far into my 41st Insight when I learned one day that Nahnia was about to commit to a hunt in 11-1 with her priestly friend Pashura. I asked if I could come along, and with only four or five Insights now seperating Nahnia and I, she said she didn't have a problem with it, but I would have to ask Pashura if it was okay first.

If you remember from my earlier recollections that I'm pretty shy, you need to realize that being put in a situation where having to ask something of a total stranger is a fairly traumatizing experience. In my oh-so-timid way, I squeaked an introduction to Pashura, and asked if I could come along.

Pashura replied, and I shall have to ask her what it was she exactly said, but it was pretty much to the tune of that she was the boss, and that if I was gonna come along, I was gonna do exactly as she said. Or else. Her voice commanding. Tone stern.

Well, it was a chance to hunt with Nahnia, so it sounded reasonable enough. The three of us headed out to 11, where they taught me the Door Trick. The Door Trick is probably something few of you know these days, since it was practically rendered defunct by the Evil Door Magic we must now all endure. Being that it is rather defunct, I won't go into details, but I can tell you that it made for the most effective two-person hunting teams in Temuairian history.

Unfortunately it wasn't three seconds after I had been taught this most masterful tactic that Nahnia had to go, leaving myself and the Dreaded Pashura in 11 to hunt. I have to admit I was scared, not from any beastly threat in the woods, but by Pashura herself. But I was eager to please, and it wasn't nearly as frightful once we got the ball rolling. I gather I performed well enough to recieve Pashura's approval.

A bit of time would pass before Pashura and I would return to the field of battle together again, when we had first met, she was considerably more insightful than I. But it would eventually happen, and it would be she that would invite me along this time. Her own strength, courage, will, and friendship bolstering me far more than any spell ever could. It still does to this day.

Miriamele DuBaulde-Salandrian
"The Fist of Gramail"
Champion of Temuair
- Praetor of Rucesion

A Champion's Tale
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