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"Kill! Maim! Destroy!"Moonlit the Warrior
- Recollections VI

The oft heard words of the warrior Moonlit. Moonlit, whose name I simply reduced to Moon, had been Awakened considerably earlier than I. I don't know how long she had known Nahnia, and to this day I don't really know a whole lot about Moon's time before I met her. Faeron would tell me she was mentored by Moira, whom I never had the pleasure of knowing, but her legend would say she was mentored by BlackStone.

I would meet Moon at about the 26th Insight, introduced by way of Nahnia, and things would simply grow from there. Moon and I would avidly commit to battle alongside Angelic's student Valvalis, who was also a good friend of mine; and eventually Nakayla, who'd always been kind of aloof but the same Insight as the rest of us. It was the four of us together that would dominate my mid-Insight time in Temuair. It was Moon, Val and myself that worked so hard to get us to 41st in time for Nahnia's wedding. Moon and I were practically inseperable twins.

Moon had the additional burden of being a guard in Mileth. Which taxed her patience greatly and consumed alot of time. Near about the 80-ish Insight range a rift would begin to seperate us. Early on, I had somehow managed to create a six-Insight seperation between us, and near the end, Moon would sadly become consumed gaining the 99th Insight, spending long hours alone in Dubhaim castle trying to reach what is often believed to be an ideal state. I couldn't abide such long hours, lonliness, and dreary surroundings. Moon would surge past me in the end.

Moon was the third person in the land to reach the 99th Insight. Pashura had talked some sense into me and my own dash for 99th Insight became considerably more relaxed, in fact I rested at the 98th Insight for a long, long time, simply refusing to gain the final Insight in quiet retalliation of what it had done to my friend. Moon had gained the 99th Insight, but at the expense of who she was. She would never be quite the same after. Moonlit would cease to be Moonlit, and she would become a hollow shell of herself.

She abandoned Ceannlaidir to join Sgrios to "fit in" with the rest of "the warriors".. she neglected to recall that I, or a good chunk of the other "warriors", were never affiliated with such. We tried hard, Moon and I, to recover the friendship that had dwindled, but it was not to be, not to what it once was. Moonlit would eventually fall upon hard times, and become disillusioned with the realm. It was not long after, she departed.

I miss my friend. I hope she's okay.

Miriamele DuBaulde-Salandrian
"The Fist of Gramail"
Champion of Temuair
- Praetor of Rucesion

A Champion's Tale
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