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The Greatest Warrior
- Recollections VII

I looked up to BlackStone with an awe and reverence that a living legend such as herself deserved. She was the first person in Temuair to possess a Kasmanium Hauberk, which was then the best armor a warrior could possess. I didn't know BlackStone too well for an extremely long amount of time. It wasn't until near the end of the Moon/Nakayla/Valvalis days that BlackStone would quite suddenly ask if I wished to come along on a hunt into 14.

I've always been an explorer. Anyone who knows me could tell you that exploration is my favorite pasttime. And though I had never set foot in 14 (I'd only been to 12 at the highest then), and I had heard horror stories about the magic used in there, I jumped at the chance.

We wound up going much deeper than 14, to 16 actually. Though we spend most of our time in 15. It was in 15 I would discover a Hy-Brasyl Belt, which was then an extremely rare item since many folk didn't explore areas where the beasties carried them. I also found a Deoch Talos Shield, which BlackStone maintained was pretty useless. I wanted to keep it anyways. I had never seen one. It was a fortune to bank, too.

At the very least, BlackStone was always about 20 Insights up on me, (At least until she hit 99th, but that doesn't matter any.) but she always dragged me along on her hunts. And I was happy to go, I got to see things few others had seen, explore where few others had explored. I had always doubted my value on such hunts, (I was hunting in 19 before I could wield a 2-handed sword.) but she always reassured me.

BlackStone would also eventually pass from the land, but not before teaching me many valuble lessons. Showing me her mistakes, and offering advice on how to overcome my own. She was ambitious and noble; sometimes she had trouble with words, but the kind intent behind them was unmistakable.

Near the end of her time, late one evening, (things always seem to happen late one evening or another) BlackStone called me the "greatest warrior, better than <her>, better than Moon, better than anybody." You will never hear me repeat that again, because it is not a status I wish to claim or deny. I feel extremely ashamed putting there, but do so nonetheless for the sake of completeness. I don't know on what basis greatest status is gained or measured by; and in my eyes it was BlackStone and Faeron who had always been kinda neck-in-neck for being the most acclaimed warrior.. only Faeron had since vanished.

And so, that's what BlackStone told me; I know not if it was truth or simply kind words. She was both a legend and a friend, she approved and admired my accomplishments, supported and helped with my endevours. I always tried to do my best to help her with hers.

Like Nahnia, BlackStone is someone I admire and view with reverence still. She had qualities and traits I aspire to match. And in the end, I would maintain that I don't matter all that much, and if anything...
...she was still the greatest warrior first.

- Miri

A Champion's Tale
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