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Letters of Farewell

This day I have stepped down from my position as Praetor of the Commonwealth of Rucesion of my own free will. I entrust the political affairs of the Commonwealth to those in more traditional offices with the faith that they will do what is right for the well being of all.

It happened much as I thought it would, there was no tussle and litany of attacks as I had for the longest time been expecting. No hero's send-off, or terribly dignified departure, but not undignified or ignoble either. It would just happen, quietly, quickly; and for that, I'm glad.

My apologies to those citizens who I have failed, to others who transgressed a law I was obligated to uphold. To anyone and everyone for matters both grand and trivial. It never was my intent to cause harm, please understand that it was always for the betterment of the Commonwealth and it's denizens.

I have always taken pride in acting in the best interests of the Commonwealth, and what I do this day is no different.

I step down for the betterment of all.

Miriamele DuBaulde-Salandrian
"The Fist of Gramail"
Champion of Temuair

On the heels of my resignation comes my departure. In the past, I'd usually prepared for these things a moon in advance; however, such is not to be this time around. Out of necessity is gone the eloquently assembled letter, and I fear that this shall reduce me to just another gibbering idiot. So much yet to say, but not enough time to say it.

Thank you.

I think I shall go visit my parents and little sister. I haven't seen my family in quite a long while. I miss them a lot. If they want I shall tell them of the things I've seen and done, the stories of my adventures and my friends. I'm not sure if they'll be terribly interesting though, I'm a horrible story-teller.

Will they be proud of me? In the years before I left my home near Piet I used to spend the early mornings standing up to my knees in unpleasantness shovelling out the barn because I was the eldest and my father had no sons. Have I come far? Did I do good? Did I do right? Will there be tears in their eyes as there are in mine right now?

The Holy Blade Emclaude, named after my father, is resting in his scabbard. My manuals on politics bundled and ink pot stoppered. The last few personal addresses to various individuals and organizations dispatched, things that needed saying said.

I'm going home.

My Endless Respect and Admiration,
Miriamele DuBaulde-Salandrian
"The Fist of Gramail"
Champion of Temuair

A Champion's Tale
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