In these pages you will find collected what I could beg and borrow of the satires, philosophical or zany rumblings and essays of the Editor of the longest-running Temuairan Newspaper - The Swanbergian Gazette and the longtime Motley Leader of Unseelie Court (- and some of his real-life efforts, too). If you have a taste for irony, sarcasm, humour and superior writing, you will enjoy Arne Gustaf Swanberg's Penfeather!

In Temuair: Swanbergian Gazettes

Out of Character: Swanbergian Gazettes and other works

Poetry: ooc/humorous/dark/dramatic

Swanbergian Seal

Now and again we find bits and papers with archived Swanbergian writings: to make it easier on you to figure out which text is newly published, I have decided to use this symbol to incate the newest additions to the single sections: new

Swan(berg)'s Penfeather
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