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Dark Ages Library With all due respect to Thao, but the Dark Ages Library by Groule seems to be the best place to get all info on equipment, items and armors in Temuair - and especially in Medenia. NEW!
Planet DAPlanet DA is one of the most uptodate Temuair community sites which depends on your contributions, so if you want to stay in touch with current stuff, visit Light, Zardok, Landon and their friends.
Aiseirigh - Unofficial Guide to DAAiseirigh is the renamed Cinneamhainn moved to a new location,where Thao s host lots of general articles, information for the new paths. And for her art alone the page is well worth a visit. BACK ONLINE! (01/04) Yuzi's guide to Cthonic RealmsYuzi's Guide to Cthonic Realms might help all those who enjoy hunting there, with her maps and information. DISCONTINUED
DA BIG 10 Topsites Dredlox is quite right in that the other Topsite Lists for DA are sadly out of date: this DA Big 10 is surely the most uptodate List Resource for DA Sites at the moment.
Dark Ages Top 50 SitesThe Dark Ages Top 50 is the best place to find new and obscure Dark Ages pages, mainly concerned with US Dark Ages, but not solely (link graphic designed by Manipulator :)).
A Guide to Guilds in Temuair
has the advantage of offering the name of the leader and if existent - a link to the guild homepage. It's organized by Volar. If you want to add your site, get in contact with her - maybe via Planet DA?

Temuair Theater GroupThey may not be the first, but they seem to be the most current Temuair Theatre Group, and this is their forum.

Official DA Guild List,
names all current and previous members of the existing guilds (as well as their chosen path), but gives no more info than that, unfortunately.
Miriel's DA Resource SiteMiriel's DA Resource Site has some of the bestlooking spells and skills list outside of Aiseirigh (as well as Chaos maps and info on all kinds of items). She also has an Ascension-Calculator -whatever that is :P - as a Java-Applet. DISCONTINUED
Wild Forest Classes GuideThe site is no longer active, but his writing on politics is a good introduction, so I am keeping the link, even though 2001 was the last update. DISCONTINUED

seem to have a similar approach as Planet DA, only with more cursing ^^.

The Home of Whispris basically a good place for Temuair guards and rangers, with lots of features and interactivity, since it is based on a php-portal. Come and be part of the administrative forces! DISCONTINUED

breeta's Dark Ages PortraitsBreeta's Dark Ages Portraits shows in easy steps how to build your own portrait, using a Painting programm and the Facemaker which came with your download of the main programm. After a really nifty site-redesign she shows off her and her friends own works and also some artwork. Site Redesign. UPDATE

What's in their heads?
Are they much younger, or a lot older, or the complete opposite of what you had ever thought in your wildest dreams?!
Well, here is the place to find out! Here at ITH, we're here to help you understand the people behind the players.
Save the Children of Undine
with this guide by Nigma, the green monk.

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