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This page showcases some of the sites that players of Dark Ages have created for and about Temuair. While there is a link page on the Dark Ages site, it is hardly ever updated, and there are so many useful pages out there, that I want to feature my pick of the best pages and their contents. For the record, DISCONTINUED means the site content is still there but it is no longer being updated.

This time around I will also include pages by the players that don't have anything to do with Temuair, as well as generally useful web resources for other players who like things like anime, role-playing, computer games and website design. Widening the scope like this, please bear with me if not all of my favourites get integrated right away. If you think a site is missing, you can always submit suggestions by using the mailto-link at the lower right of this page. I will reserve the right to not accept everything though, since these are *my* favourites.

By the way, if you would like to link me, these are my linkgraphics. Rightclick and save it to your site and just call it Aisling Spark:

Aisling Spark courtesy of Bentic Stedwinn, Tuatha de Deo (100x55).

Aisling Spark courtesy of Kouga from the Kouga Dojo (100x40).

Aisling Spark courtesy of Triza from Triza's Monk Site (364x112).


Here's the html code to use, if you want to copy it, but of course you have to add your own site address:

<a href="" target="_blank"><img src="" width="???" height="???" border="0" alt="Aisling Spark"></a>


I would like to point out (because of German Law) that I am in no way responsible for the content of the sites that I link to in good faith and that no site will get added to this link page without being properly legal and vetted by me personally, just like it is written out in this disclaimer.


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