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Faeron's Forsaken WastelandFaeron with the double blades possible in  DA betaYep, Faeron's Forsaken Wasteland is finally online again. It may be a closed memory of Temuair, since Fae really has left (correction, he can be seen now and again, but he won't update the site, tehe), but this is the only place where you will see the look of Temuair in 8d-Beta days, and anyway, it is just fun reading his impressions of the good old days and the not so good old days. INACTIVE
Rephin's Guide to TemuairNot quite like Macho Monk, Rephin's Guide to Temuair are the ongoing adventures of Rephin Kurosawa in Temuair. Very fun, and well worth the revisiting. Rephin also accepts your own interpretation and even offers a comic-template download. He also has some rants on his page. INACTIVE
Ceathairne - The good peasant Excellent writing, excellent comics, excellent work by Naze, temuair's master peasant. Neàmh - Kalasin's DA ArtworkRejoice everyone! The second godess of website-design (actually I knew her before I knew Thao..hmm), Kalasin Meatha, has finally made a site for her Dark Ages artwork, so go there now and visit Neàmh! NEW
UntamedHotaru does some nifty art on UnTamED, so have a look! She also has a quiz and Aisling horoscopes.
The Lighter Side of DAXolderd's The Lighter Side of DA shows off some new insight into Temuair-Comics and it is hilarious - if you can handle not taking Temuair history utterly serious, that is ;9.
Deksar's Dark Age MoviesDeksar has already won an Aisling award with his comedy short "Catch that Goblin". if you liked his work, have a look at the other flash-movies he has developed so far in Deksar's Dark Age Movies. INACTIVE
The House of AiresThe House of Aires showcases all the talents of its members, Wisal, Shinn, Lenoa and MorriganNyte: that means you will find skillinfo, beautiful art and writings by these friendly Aislings. Enjoy the visit!
Overcome the silencePalderon has been inspired by the possibilities of Flash too, so you have real flash-site in Overcome the silence, with some nifty music videos in their early stages :D.
Dossier/Wyindmyre Family TreeThe Dossier/Wyndmyre Family Tree page is very much a personal history of mundanes and Aislings, which eventually led to site owner Zepher Dossier. INACTIVE
Clan KyrkonnelThe Kyrkonnel Clan-Sisters have lived in Temuair about as long as Faeron has. Different from him, they are still very active and persevere in the face of adversity. Raeven Kyrkonnel probably being the most visible as many-times political figure in Rucesion. This site showcases the writing talents of the sisters though, and will be appreciated even by Aislings who do not appreciate the Kyrkonnel politics, I am sure :). INACTIVE
Ninde Meatha Wedding BookThis is the tiny but exquisite Wedding Guestbook for the Wedding of Kalasin Ninde and Sarc Meatha, who found each other, when their previous spouses ended their marriages. It shows of the journal-making skills of Kalasin to perfection and I wish the couple all the joy and balance they have been missing in a while. INACTIVE
Journal of Sarc and DiamandaIt is a pity they had to break up, but the journal of Diamanda and Sarc still showcases some beautiful memories of one of the longest marriages in Temuair. Diamanda also shows some of her award-winning art.
The Marriage of Jayer and NimueA similar page, about a wedding that already took place is hosted by the groom's mother. The marriage of Jayer, son of Feena, and Nimue, is like a wedding album from proposal to ceremony, full of sweetness, and over too soon. INACTIVE
Airy's SecretWindia had to leave Temuair, but an admirer or hers named Airy has taken over a bit, showcasing her Aisling Designs for boys and girls in this, her very own, Airy's Secret. INACTIVE
Feena's Dark AgesOf course, Jayer's mum has her own page too, and since Feena is back in Temuair I keep hoping that new content will be added. INACTIVE
He's a fun guy, so I'm linking to Kaeltegoeth's Dark Ages Thingy ^^.

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