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Tuatha de DeoNow that Runic Terra's old self has disbanded, this may well be one of the oldest Guilds around in Temuair. Notaries of Tuatha de Deo are Angelic, Bentic, Dartanian Lestor or Sungam (who has coded the site). Just a nice guild to be, and an incredible page layout :)
The WarriorVamistlezellas' The Warrior really offers just that: help and information on everything a warrior or gladiator needs to know. He also hosts Tahachi's amazing poker deck card portraits, which you can comission from him.
Nokel PoriashDo you like to write? But do you like to write ic-stories about Temuair, which is why won't work for you? Do you admire a well-turned phrase and the Wuhaoism-section of Aisling Spark? Then you would be perfect for Wuhao's new guild, Nokel Poriash or at least for the open library that he offers to everyone in his inimitable style and sense of design. Go and see for yourself!
Acadamie Arcanus - Wizards OnlyThis is a page for all who want to follow the path of the wizard. It is also the page of the oldest wizard-only guild in Temuair, the Acadamie Arcanus founded by Veneficus, Adept Extraordinaire.
Farlie, the RogueThis site offers just what you think, tips and informations for rogues ^^. Have a look at Farlie the Rogue's page.
Vallaire Cura
only has one website left, this one, as far as I can see ^^. Vallaire Cura is a guild
Becoming a PriestBecoming a Priest gives hints on exactly that.
Ny Beantee seems to have morphed into Uasal Briathar, still run by Duplico though. Nifty Flash introduction.
Fiosachd FellowshipThis is the oldest known page for Fiosachd's Fellowship.
Liorlan the Gnosis - Luathas PriesthoodThe Liorlan de Gnosis is the home of the Luathas priesthood, whith mass times, space for lores and the names of the clergy.
Tariny's Fio.pageTariny, of the Glioca webpage above, seems to have moved on to the Fiosachd fellowship, and offers her customary mass times and other religious info on the
TreallaichTreallaich used to be a guild, I believe, nowadays it is the page of Harmonie and Areyn. Not updated but with quite a few useful lores on monk and rogue life.
Another interesting guild with a lot of information for priests is Meallaire.
The Glioca FellowshipAnd another site by a Glioca priestess, this time Tariny offers some very helpful hints on how to deal with Glioca mass, prayers, and rising in the ranks of the clergy. Well worth a visit is the Glioca Fellowship.
Order of the Azure MoonThe Order of the Azure Moon was as old as Runic Terra. For some reason there is only a poem left now...
Master of Azoth
seems to be a in character guide on how to master a rogue. Since Farlie links it, I expect the information to be worth something ^^.
I guess Fios Sangart is the Planet DA approved Priest site. Since I really don't practice my path much, I can't recommend any special site as perfect for priests myself. How about you visit them all and decide for yourself? ^^
Cuin Oraibh
a beautiful concept, but the guild seems to be gone.
Wizardly Wisdom is finally there (with a much prettier layout than my effort ^^ - based on Yi Lee's wizard lady) and some actual info, all hail! Cuira Anneam a bith
- Monk meditations tell you how to become various dugons at Sapphire Stream Monastery.
Rogue's Guide to Chaos
is exactly that ;)

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